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This is a special email blast to our readers.  I have three important topics to touch upon: 

  1. The 2012 Ag Census, 
  2. SEMAP's Farmers & Eaters Survey, and 
  3. The 6th Annual Agriculture & Food Conference of Southeastern Massachusetts.


Today is the final day to submit Ag Census responses!  I cannot begin to explain the importance of this data.  If you are a farmer I implore you to submit your information.


SEMAP is also collecting data for our region.  We have 106 responses already - which is fantastic, but we need to hear from as many of you as possible to maximize the relevance of our data.  Over 1000 of you regularly read our emails...so I know we can do better than 106!  Bristol County has been our largest response pool...


So far, we have heard that we should not change our name, we should be actively engaged in legislative advocacy, and convene the community around local food issues - to name a few of the important questions we ask in this survey.  The full results and SEMAP's new strategic plan will be revealed at the end of June 2013.


Please take 5 to 10 minutes of your time and complete SEMAP's 2013 Farmers & Eaters Survey


Probably our best way to respond to educational and technical assistance requests, as well as to schedule specific speakers and educators is SEMAP's Ag & Food Conference.  This is our 6th year running a conference but only our 3rd year at an expanded level - something for everyone - Farmers, Families, and Foodies!  Several of our survey questions are on the conference - so please give us your feedback.


However, this year's conference is going to be pretty amazing!  Click here for our 18 workshop descriptions.  We will open the conference with our own Department of Agricultural Resources Commissioner, Greg Watson.  Following the Commissioner is a presentation by the Southeastern Massachusetts Meat Producers Association (SEMMPA) and the results of their survey of meat production and processing needs in our region - I can tell you this is going to be some incredibly illuminating data.


Circling our opening room is our Exhibitors Ring, which is nearly full.  We are fortunate to have The Worm Ladies; Fedco Seeds; and at The Trustees of Reservations booth, where one-on-one leasing consults will be available.   There is still time to sign up as an exhibitor and sponsor of the conference.


 Of course, one of our highlights is the food itself and our local lunch.  Rosa Galeno will be dazzling us with a menu for all the senses.  Continue reading to view the menu.


I hope to see you on February 23rd at Bristol County Agricultural High School for our 6th Annual Ag & Food Conference.  



Bridget Alexander


SEMAP Executive Director


A Conference for Farmers, Families & Foodies

Want to see more? 
by Rosa Galeno
Heirloom Soup
Potato Medley with Fresh Herbs, Roasted Garlic, & Sun-dried Tomatoes from Rosa's Pantry
Regional Gaeta Tiella, filled with Winter Greens
Salad Greens with Rosa's Balsamic Vinaigrette
Herbed Tomatoes with Red Onion
Lemon Brined Cucumber Slices
Herbed Beets
Sliced Carrots with Cranberries
Lunch is included with your registration.

Rosa's Shelf
The Winter Farmer Potluck Series w/ The Carrot Project continues on:
Wednesday February 20th, 2013
Anawan Grange Hall
243 Winthrop Street, Rehoboth MA
(intersection of Rts. 44 & 118)
Enjoy a warm meal with friends and new acquaintances at our Winter Potluck Series! Information on The Carrot Project will be on hand at the event including updates on programs and loan opportunities available specifically for small farms in Southeastern MA.  

Be Heard Massachusetts! It's Not Too Late to Be Counted in 2012 Ag Census -- Responses due February 4th - TODAY!

Ag CensusThe Census of Agriculture is America's farmers and ranchers' opportunity to make a positive impact on their communities by taking part in the Census of Agriculture. Conducted every five years by USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), the Census captures a complete count of all U.S. farms, ranches and those who operate them.  Census forms were mailed out in late December 2012, and responses are due by February 4th, 2013.  If you haven't taken the Ag Census yet, you can take it now -- online. 


Right here: http://www.agcensus.usda.gov/Online_Response/index.php.   


The Census helps tell the whole story of U.S. agriculture. Without the information collected we wouldn't know that 3 million farmers in the United States, only one percent of our total population, provide feed, fuel, and fiber to the other 99 percent. While that seems like a huge task, we know that farmers are stepping up to the challenge because the data tell us that U.S. agriculture is growing.


The last Census counted more than 2 million farms and ranches in the United States spanning more than 922 million acres. That's nearly a 4 percent increase in the number of farms from the previous Census in 2002. Those farms produced more than 2 billion bushels of soybeans, 18 million bales of cotton, and $37 billion in egg and poultry sales. And, working on those farms were more than one million women farmers, a 19 percent increase from 2002.


As preparations continue for this year's Census of Agriculture, we call on farmers and ranchers to share their stories, ask questions and talk to their fellow producers about this critical effort.  Your answers to the Census help grow your farm future; shape farm programs; and boost services for you, your community and your industry.


The Census is your voice, your future and your responsibility. For more information about the Census, visitwww.agcensus.usda.gov or call 1-888-4AG-STAT (1-888-424-7828).

Happy Eating!
SEMAP Staff - Bridget, Sarah, Kristen