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BERP - It will make your brass players better
The Berp is the most efficient tool you can use to help yourself become a better brass player. It helps you develop proper breath support by blowing into resistance, letting you buzz your mouthpiece while you hold your instrument in the regular playing position.
The Berp also lets you press your instrument's valves or move the slide to match the pitches you're buzzing, so you gain ear-training benefits through reinforcing the connection between buzzing the mouthpiece and playing.
Berp comes from the concept of mouthpiece buzzing, which has been used as a teaching technique for brass players for many years. explains Mario Guarneri, inventor of the Berp. 
"By learning to blow into resistance, you become more aware of
The Breathing Awareness Tool helps establish good breathing habits and build muscle memory for efficient breath management
undesirable resistance in your body, and learn how to avoid it by using proper breath support. By fingering the valves of our instruments while buzzing the mouthpiece, it makes us aware of the connection between the fingers and the brain's perception of pitch. I put the two ideas together, buzzing and fingering
(or moving the slide) to the corresponding pitch, to maximize the benefits for my students and myself."

BERPBioOils - High Performance Sustainability

BioOil for piston valves in three viscosities


BioRotorOil for rotor valves


BioKeyOil for woodwinds


BioLube for brass instrument tuning slides


This new oil has been developed by the makers of the Berp together with the scientists of Novvi and is made in the USA from sustainably grown sugarcane. Novvi's mission statement "we grow revolutionary oils and lubricants that protect equipment and our community" fits Berp and Co.'s. commitment to locally produced sustainable products.
  • Non-toxic - excellent for use in school environments
  • Petroleum-free
  • Plant Based (Biobased)
  • Contains essential oil that cleans as it lubricates
BerpBioOil presents a formulation offered in three viscosities for piston valves: light, medium, and heavy; and in three sizes: a sample pack with .5 oz. bottles of each, 1 oz. and 8 oz. bottles
No adverse effect (no calcium build-up) on your valves whether they are nickel-plated, monel-plated, or raw brass.

Order your samples today! - FREE when you mention
What does "biobased" mean?

Biobased products as defined by the U.S.Secretary of Agriculture are composed in whole or in significant part, of biological products or renewable materials. They are not petroleum-based, which helps alleviate the consumption of resources that harm the environment. We recommend that people who suffer from asthma and allergic reactions to pollution try these products as an alternative to what they are currently using.
We help musicians become better at what they do

We're musicians ourselves, and our self-diagnostic tools are based on decades of teaching and performance experience, so we know they really work. It's important to us that all of our musical accessories are produced locally, using sustainable and recycled materials. 
We're proud to provide something of genuine value to our fellow
performers-and to put part of our profits back into the music community. The more you know about us, the more we hope you'll find that our business, like each of our products, is one of a kind. 
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