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Ever & Always                                                         Contemporary Romance 
Ever & Always
Anne Carter
Contemporary Romance
Regular Price: $0.99
Sale Price: FREE through Mar 31

"Trust me, Maddie. I'll be right behind you."
"What if I fall?"
"I can skate faster than you can fall," Jack whispered, and Maddie closed her eyes against the shiver that enveloped her body...

Ice Hockey. Strong coffee. His infant son, Duncan. Three things Jack McKenzie could not do without. Now he was about to add a fourth. In a sunny So. California park, beautiful, green-eyed Madelyn Cross has reappeared in his life... a second chance with the one that got away.   

But she's been betrayed... more than once.
He's been on the wrong path, ready for a change.
Hooking up should be easy, right?

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Passionate Kisses 2: Love in Bloom Boxed Set
Passionate Kisses 2
Magda Alexander, Wendy Ely
Kylie Gilmore, Allie Boniface
Liz Kelly, Nikki Lynn Barrett
Sydney Holmes, Rebecca J. Clark
Victoria Barbour, Jessi Gage
Contemporary Romance
Regular Price: $5.99
Sale Price: $0.99

Love is in bloom!
From the authors of the bestselling Passionate Kisses Boxed Set, comes a new set featuring five never-before-published stories. Dive into this collection of 10 contemporary romance novels and novellas ranging from sweet to sizzling!

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Swept Through Time Boxset: 7 Bestselling Time Travel Treasures  
Swept Through Time Box Set
Fantasy, Paranormal, and Historical Romance
Sale Price: $0.99 until June

 BRIDGE OVER TIME by New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Brenda Hiatt

THE TARTAN MP3 PLAYER by bestselling & award winning author C.A. Szarek

A TUMBLE THROUGH TIME by USA Today bestselling author Callie Hutton


SMOOCH by Laura Marie Altom

RIDGEWAY by Louise Clark

DEFIANT SURRENDER by bestselling author Tamara Gill

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The Whisper Cape Trilogy                          Paranormal Romance
The Whisper Cape Trilogy
Susan Griscom
Paranormal Romance
Regular: $4.99
Sale Price: $0.99

Whisper Cape, Book 1. Escape to a world where the impossible becomes possible and sparks ignite. Follow the journey of Cael Sheridan and Addison MacKenna as they learn to adjust to the secrets of Whisper Cape. She's a powerful woman, and he's an extraordinary man, but there's a maniac who wants to destroy them. Fate has brought them together, but will it make them stronger or destroy them all in the end?

 Reflections, Book 2, continues the love story between Cael and Addison and also the growing love between Gerry and Maya as they cope with the perils of a dangerous pregnancy.

 A Secret Fate, Book 3. Fate was cruel this time around, as Cael and Addison's love is put through the ultimate test. Will their love survive a memory loss and will fate find a way back into their hearts? 


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Beyond Me: the Sex on the Beach Series
Beyond Me
Jennifer Probst
New Adult Romance
Regular Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $0.99

Spring break in Key West with my besties was supposed to be casual fun. But I never expected to meet him. Sex and frolic? Yes! A relationship? No. But his hot blue eyes and confident manner drew me in. And when he let me see the man behind the mask, I fell hard, foolishly believing there could be a future for us. Of course, I never considered our relationship might be based on lies...or that his betrayal could rock my foundation and make me question everything I believed in...
The moment I saw her I knew I had to have her. She hooked me with her cool eyes and don't-touch-me attitude. I had it all-money, social status, and looks. I could get any girl I wanted...until her. When my friends challenged me with a bet to get her into bed by the end of the week, I couldn't pass it up. But sex wasn't supposed to turn into love. She wasn't supposed to change me, push me, and make me want more for myself. She wasn't supposed to wreck me in all ways. And now, if I can't turn my lies into truth, I just might lose her forever...

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Captured (Wolf in Exile)                            Paranormal Romance
Amber Ella Monroe
Paranormal Romance   
Sale Price: $0.99

Kalena Jackson's unwavering curiosity lands her in deep trouble. When she's caught snooping around in the laboratories at Silex Pharmaceuticals, the guards label her a spy. She's captured and thrown inside a barricade filled with blood-thirsty wolves. Her only hope of escape is linked to Thane Silex, a convicted felon who has no desire for freedom.

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Amalfi Affair                                                         Erotic Military Romance
Amalfi Affair (Navy SEALs of Valor 1)
Sabrina Devonshire
Erotic Military Romance
Regular Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $1.99  *Steamy* 
On a cycling tour through the Swiss Alps, CIA agent, Olivia Simpson, meets handsome Navy SEAL, Darryl Jennings. Her lust shifts into overdrive for this man on leave from missions he won't discuss. A one night stands leads to a blissful week traveling the Amalfi Coast. Because of their secretive careers, their love affair is destined to end. Olivia immerses herself into her Intelligence work with memories of Darryl never far from the surface. When she receives a surprise phone call from him nine months later, she dashes off to meet him in Italy. Too late, she realizes the call had been made by an imposter to lure her into a trap. 
Despite Darryl's decision to end his relationship with Olivia, he returns to his missions in Afghanistan unable to shake her from his heart. Regret for letting her go gnaws at him until he decides to search for her. After following numerous dead end leads, he gives up on ever finding the elusive woman who stole his heart nine months prior. When he's called in for a mission to rescue a high-level intelligence officer who's been kidnapped, he realizes the woman in question is his Olivia. Pressure mounts as he becomes embroiled in a mission where the fate of his true love falls on his shoulders. 

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Metanoia                                                              Paranormal Romance
Metanoia: An Immortals Series Novel
 K.J. Coakley
Paranormal Romance
Sale Price: $3.99 

The highly anticipated second installment in the Enmortals Series has arrived. Metanoia boldly takes us into a world where parallel dimensions collide, true love is eternal, and the fate of our world hangs in the balance.
I was once told this was not a game. No, it's not. This is hell on earth, and I should've stopped it before it happened. But I was afraid...of what, I have no idea. I held the power to prevent this destruction. Weakness of mind and body paralyzed me from pursuing my destiny.
I am the one.
I am power.
I am their demise.
The Star Child.
They have never known fear such as I shall show them.


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