September 14, 2016

As you can see in the above photo,  all three 1/18 scale Porsche 919 Hybrid models from the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans have arrived. Advance orders have been shipped. A few extras of each model are in stock.

There were several other interesting 1/18 scale pieces in our most recent shipment, including the Le Mans 2015  #97 Aston Martin V8 Vantage, and a selection of other Le Mans entries past and present. 

You can check on what's still available from the shipment  HERE.

In other Spark news, their 2016 Le Mans list has finally been released. It looks like they will be doing all but the Ferraris and Ford GTs in 1/43 scale. We expect information on the 1/18 collection at a later date. We will add the list to our website as soon as everything becomes 'official'.

As far as the other entries go, LookSmart will be doing the 2016 Le Mans Ferraris in 1/43 scale. We brought you that list in our September 1, 2016 Email Update

Advance reservations are required for the models on the LookSmart list.

As far as the 2016 Le Mans LMGTE Pro winning Ford GTs go, we've heard nothing 'official' yet but the two items posted on the TSM website this week may shed some light on the situation:

1/43 scale TSM Model TSM430104
Ford GT IMSA #67
2016 Monterey Grand Prix GTLM Winner
R.Briscoe / R.Westbrook
Ford  Chip Ganassi Team USA
$86.00 - Reserve HERE

1/43 scale TSM Model TSM430105
Ford GT WEC #67
2016 6H Spa-Francorchamps, 2nd GTE-Pro
M.Franchitti / A.Priaulx / H.Tincknell
Ford  Chip Ganassi Team UK
$86.00 - Reserve  HERE
We will accept advance orders on these two racing versions and keep you advised on possible Le Mans versions as soon as information becomes available.

The 2015 Chicago Auto Show versions of the Ford GT, released under TSM's TopSpeed brand in 1/18 and 1/43 scale, are scheduled for delivery soon.

- The 1/43 'Ingot Silver' Ford GT ($86.00) will be in our next shipment, due later this month. 

- The  1/18 scale Chicago Auto Show Ford GT ($135.00) should arrive in early/mid October. 

Both are available for pre-order.

We've posted a list of models, books and DVDs due to arrive over the next 30 days or so on our Online Shopping website.  Scroll down to the bottom  of the front page for the list.

Several of TSM's long-awaited 1/12 scale Porsche endurance cars, including the  1970 Le Mans winning 917K  ($350.00), pictured here are 'on the water' and expected to arrive in the next 30 - 60 days.

Three different 1/12 scale versions of the Porsche 956 are also on their way:
Porsche 956 #1 - Ickx / Bell - 1982 LeMans Winner
$365.00 - Reserve HERE

Porsche 956 #7 - NewMan - Joest Racing - 1984 Le Mans Winner 
$365.00 - Reserve HERE

Porsche 956 #8 - Joest Racing - 6th, Le Mans 1983
$365.00 - Reserve HERE

All four models are still available for pre-order. There is no update on the 1970 Daytona winning Gulf Porsche 917K at this time. We will keep everyone advised.


Carroll Shelby: A Collection of my Favorite Racing Photos
by Art Evans with Carroll Shelby

Art Evans was a sports car racer in the 1950s on the West Coast who raced against, and became close friends with, Carroll Shelby. Their intense competition on the track became a lifelong friendship off the track. He and Shelby collaborated on many business projects over the years, including books, marketing projects, projects for the Shelby Foundation, and so on. In his later years, Shelby loved the books about his cars and similar topics, but his eyesight was failing to the point where he had difficulty reading, and really preferred the books that were heavy with photos.

It was from that realization that Shelby and Evans decided to work on one last book together. They both combed through the Shelby archives and selected Shelby's favorite images from his racing career. That is almost the entirety of this book. It is packed with photos selected by Shelby himself, and the captions are quotes from Shelby's commentary on the action in the photo, as well as his memories.

Unfortunately, Carroll Shelby passed away before the book was fully completed, but Evans, following Shelby's instructions, carried this final project through to completion. Filled with images that have never been seen in print, as well as images not published since the 1950s and 1960s, this final work from Shelby is a personally curated collection by the legend himself. If you are a sports car racing fan, Ford fan, Shelby fan, or any combination of the three, this book is a perfect addition to your automotive library.

A natural collaboration between close friends, Art Evans and Carroll Shelby, formed the basis for this book. Evans has authored a number of books about motorsports, many covering Shelby, who passed away in 2012 as this book was being created. Shelby has celebrated many automotive-related feats and is no stranger to racing enthusiasts throughout the world.
Hardcover | 9" x 9" | 256 Pages | 295 Photos



A few other tidbits we'd like to share:
Stoffel Vandoorne
McLaren Honda MP4-31 #47
10th, Bahrain GP
Formula One Debut ! First 2016 Points for McLaren!
Replaces Jenson Button for 2017!
$80.00 - Reserve HERE
FITZ - My Life at the Wheel
by John Fitzpatrick

Illustrated with 128 black & white and 231 color photographs, and written in his own words,  FITZ: My Life At The Wheel  chronicles John's twenty-two years competing on many of the most famous circuits in the world in some of the most iconic cars of the 60s, 70s and 80s.
$59.00 - Reserve HERE
Coming Soon:
2016 Le Mans Review
Radio Le Mans  Commentary
With their eighteenth overall win at the 24 hours of Le Mans Porsche can be said to have come of age in 2016.
With just three minutes left in the race after 24 hours of racing the new Toyota TS050 hybrid looked set for a sensational debut win - until fate stepped in.  The official twitter account summed up the feeling with just one word: "Heartbroken".
Ford managed the feat of a debut victory with their new GT in the LMGTE Pro class, fifty years after the first win of the famous GT40. 240 minutes of coverage.
$24.99 - Reserve HERE

1/43 Bizarre - B1052
Texaco Doodle Bug Diamond T Tanker
$199.00 - Reserve HERE

That's all for today. Talk to you soon!

 - Paul

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