Most of our inventory is ON SALE, even pre-cuts! Sewing machines aren't included, however!

Only ONE SALE per we make it a GOOD ONE!  Sue and I are starting on our 12th YEAR at Cattle Country Quilts!

Can you believe it....we started 'way back in 2006 in the tiny shop across from the Joseph post office.  We outgrew it within a year and here we our 11th annual "thank-you-for-supporting-us" anniversary sale!

So.. .come see us!  We have LOTS of items discounted 50% off; LOTS at 40, 30, etc. PLUS, if the item(s) are not specially discounted, you will
DRAW YOUR OWN DISCOUNT of 20% up to 50% off.

Even the new fabrics are discounted!  Sale starts tomorrow....Wednesday (March 29) and runs through Saturday, April 1. 

  SO COME SEE US and save $$$$.

Wednesday, March 29, through Saturday, April 1
Shop Hours: 10 to 5
Many items discounted at 50, 40, 30% off
Items not specially discounted you'll draw your own discount, 20% to 50% off
Sewing machines are excluded
Even the NEW INVENTORY is on sale!