Dear Church Family, 
This Question Has Begun To Haunt Me In The Past Year:  Besides Our Own Church Family, Who In Our Community Would Notice If RiverTown Church Disappeared?  
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- November 3rd!
Next Sunday, November 3rd, we are moving the worship service outside to the front lawn for one big celebration event at 10AM. This is the Sunday in the fall of every year that we set our clocks back one hour. Instead of waking up Sunday morning trying to figure out if you are late to church or not we've got a plan for you to make it one of the most fun and powerful Sundays of the year.   

We are turning fall back time change Sunday into our own FALL FESTIVAL holiday with games, rides, demonstrations and food for all! This year we are excited about the addition of a PETTING ZOO with furry animals and reptiles!  There will even be some you can ride!     
The RiverTown team will also serve BBQ lunch plates. You can pre-purchase a meal ticket for $8.00 this Sunday.  See anyone from our student ministry and you can buy a delicious "Boston Butt" for $20.  This is a great way to support our student ministry and share some amazing food.  I'm getting hungry already!  

I have been praying and praying for this day.  I have a vision of a huge crowd of people all FALLING BACK in love with God, community with others, and a deeply satisfying life with Christ.  If you are already there, then make this the time that you prayerfully see your friends and family members lives transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ!  That's our mission at RiverTown and that's the purpose of this powerful event.  

Take the step and make the invitation to the RIVERTOWN FALL BACK SERVICE.  
All for Jesus,
Pastor David Rathel
P.S.  Here's the YouTube video from last Sunday if you missed it!

How To Make Big Decisions Like Jesus, Pastor David Rathel - Week 2, Master Series 10/20/13
How To Make Big Decisions Like Jesus, Pastor David Rathel - Week 2, Master Series 10/20/13