Please enjoy the following updates, with the exciting addition of extra Yin classes to our weekly Timetable. 


You will also meet Stella Pierson - our newest addition to the Golden Yogi team. Stella has the most infectious personality ... we loved her from the first day we met her. With 1000+ hours of teacher training, and the kindest heart you will be sure to love her too.


Let's all be YINspired and ensure we keep those winter blues at bay, as the countdown to the shortest day begins. Namaste x ~


Due to popular demand we have added new Yin Yoga 
classes to our timetable. Please join us for:

WEDNESDAY Morning        11am     Yin Yoga ~ with Stella
FRIDAY 'Happy Hour +'        6pm       Yin Yoga ~ with Jo*

*Please note: Due to popular request the Friday 5pm happy hour class is now replaced with this 6pm class to make Friday night traffic that little bit less challenging.

COMING SOON : SUNDAY Night : 6pm Candlelit Yin Yoga 


Is now taught by the beautiful and talented Jennifer Allen. Share the word with friends and family who are in need of a little 'me time' and pampering with a like minded healthy and happy community.

Every Monday : 11am - 12.15pm.

Bring the littlies and prepare for a blissful Vinyasa Flow session.  

Saturday May 31st & Sunday June 1st
Timetable as normal

Monday June 2nd 
5.30pm   Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
7pm         Yin Yoga

~ YINspirator ~
~ YINspirator ~
~ YINspirator ~
~ Goodbye hump day ~ 
Hello mid-week YIN-fix

Every Wednesday 
11am - 12.15pm
~ YIN Yoga Happy Hour + ~
A perfect start to every weekend
Friday Nights
6pm - 7.15pm
 ~ Inspiring us twice a week ~
YINspiration guaranteed

Saturdays 9.30-10.45am
Mondays 7-8.15pm


Yin Yoga is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of 
yoga on an international scale. Here's why we love Yin Yoga ... 

No pain, 
~ more gain ~
Keeping joints 
The flow 
~ of Qi ~
Yin yoga backs away from maximum stretching and instead works at 70% to more effectively release tension in the body.  
All Yin postures are held at a comfortable level to be able to relax and breathe.

Moving the body gently helps to nourish the fluid into the joints and stretch the body to keep it youthful. 

The ancient yogi's believed that age could be measured by the flexibility of the spine. 

Yin Yoga focuses on rebalancing the Qi that flows through the Nadi energy channels in the body. 
By rebalancing the energy flow you can release blocks and tension held in the physical body.
Every body 
is different
Issues in 
~ our tissues ~
Reduce stress
  & find inner zen

The anatomy of everyone is different and needs to be honored. Honor your body and the sensations you feel. Know that every single person, in every single Yin class, will hold a posture differently - and that it is totally ok.

Yin yoga releases emotions 
that we store in our bodies. Emotional blocks can be released by the breathe and relaxing into the posture.

Goodybye issues, 
hello happy tissues.
Relaxation helps to bring the body into the parasympathetic nervous system; which reduces stress levels and brings hormone levels into balance.
Horray for inner zen.


Get ready to enjoy beautiful Riverside Matakana, where Erin has been invited to share her Super Smoothie Workshops followed by Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, alongside some of New Zealand's most acclaimed and inspirational wellbeing professionals. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION 

Thank you for being a part of our heart warming Golden Yogi community. We look forward to sharing yoga fun in the studio soon! Sending you smiles and bliss wishes on the wind ...


Love & Golden Light x ~
The Golden Yogi Team
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Events and Workshops are not included in standard Golden Yogi Membership Pricing Plans.
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