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Board Approves 2017 Budget, Committed to Reducing Deficit
Following a public hearing, the Glenview District 34 Board of Education approved the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget, which reflects $67.1 million in operating revenues and $69.8 million in operating expenditures. 

"As an administration, we continue to have difficult but important conversations regarding our approach to decreasing the overall projected deficit of $2.7 million. While the immediate goal is to reduce the deficit, long-term we must continue to be committed to finding efficiencies within our spending without negatively impacting student achievement," said Superintendent Dr. Dane Delli. 

 Operating expenditures were based on several factors such as anticipated student enrollment, approved instructional programming and planned capital projects. Operating revenues were based on factors such as the estimated 2017 tax levy extension, Board approved student fees, the current general state aid funding formula, and flat federal funding.
Superintendent Comments
*The Superintendent has a standing agenda item each month to share reflections, important updates, notable achievements and other high priority items with the Board. This section includes highlights of that communication.

Superintendent Shadowing of Student
As part of my ongoing commitment to developing a deep understanding of the Glenview District 34 community, I recently spent the school day shadowing Attea Middle School seventh grader Martin Sanchez. 

From sharing a lunch to spending time in Social Studies and Science, we were paired up throughout the entirety of Martin's schedule, which allowed me  to experience all subject areas and aspects of student life at Attea. 

I will be shadowing a Springman student in the coming weeks and, over the next few months, spending dedicated days in each of the primary and intermediate buildings. 

I have to say, I continue to be amazed at how extraordinary your children are here. They are not extraordinary by accident either. They are extraordinary because they have extraordinary parents, teachers and support staff and a supportive culture.

Spending a day in each building is one of the activities specifically noted in my Transition Plan, which can be found by visiting www.glenview34.org

This time is so important because it allows me to observe in real time teaching and learning in an up close and personal way. I look forward to replicating this experience at each school building over the coming months. Although it will look different at the elementary schools, it is all with the same intent - to develop a deep understanding of what it really feels like to be in our school buildings.

To see pictures of the day, please visit our Facebook Page
Survey Results Reflect Community Priorities, Increased Satisfaction 
with Communications
In May, Glenview District 34 worked with FAKO research to conduct a Community Survey.  While overall this was not a satisfaction survey, in areas where participants were asked to give their opinions, the district  generally received positive responses, specifically as it related to the area of communication. 

The district would like to thank the 300 households that participated in the survey and the more than 600 individuals  who took the time to complete the survey online. Below is a quick analysis based on Community Values and Community Satisfaction. 

Community Values
Overall, the community continues to find great interest in the current state of the district's  finances, academic achievement and staffing. More specifically, the District 34  parent population is more interested in academic performance and the  non-parent population is more interested in fiscal health. This was clearly demonstrated when respondents were asked what they felt was the most important education or district-related concern. The following were the most common responses independently offered: fiscal responsibility, curriculum concerns, kindergarten programming/child care and the quality and retention of the teaching staff.

Furthermore, respondents felt the following have the greatest influence on academic achievement: quality of teaching staff, preparing students for high school, class size and school facilities.

When asked why residents either chose to move to Glenview or remain in Glenview, 68 percent indicated it was because of the schools and, of that 68 percent, 42 percent indicated specifically it was the quality of education provided by our district as the specific factor that influenced their residency decision. Following that was high-ranking test scores, community values (i.e. school and community safety) and high-quality teachers. 

Community Satisfaction
When asked about the quality of Glenview District 34 and its schools, a majority of respondents (52 percent) feel it has stayed the same over the past two years. Another 13 percent believe the district has improved. Drilling deeper, residents feel the district does the best at keeping students safe and secure. Second to this, a large majority felt it was the quality of education provided in grades K-2 and then having a positive impact on student learning.

Looking at the district's  communication efforts and practices, Glenview  again received very high remarks. Specifically, 78 percent of respondents either strongly agreed or somewhat agreed the district does a good job seeking community input on key items. Additionally, 71 percent also either strongly or somewhat agreed that District 34 does a good job listening to the community. Lastly, 83 percent of respondents generally felt they were very well informed or somewhat informed about the district, and 77 percent cited that the district does provide residents with sufficient news and information.

Their preferred sources of information are in the following order (respondents could pick more than one):

1. School district newsletter or other sources direct from district (88 percent)
2. School district website (71 percent)
3. Teacher or other employees of the district (62 percent)

When comparing this portion of the survey to the 2009 Community Survey data, the district's communication efforts increased anywhere from 1-2 percent in almost all areas. This is a notable climb given that there was a higher participation rate in this most recent survey than in 2009. 

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