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Board Reviews 2017 Tax Levy
Members of the Glenview District 34 Board of Education reviewed on Monday, October 16 the district's proposed tax levy. The 2017 estimated levy will be adopted in December following a public hearing process. However, the actual tax extension- meaning how much the district will ultimately collect on property tax bills - will not be determined by the Cook County Clerk's Office for several months following the hearing. 

The Cook County Clerk's Office determines the levy amount based on the prior year extension for existing property and new property or improvements to property that have come onto the tax rolls in Glenview. Because the assessed value for new property and existing property is not known at the time the district must adopt its levy, it is common practice to levy an amount in excess of what the district actually anticipates to ensure the value of all new property is captured. 

If the district fails to request a levy sufficient to capture new growth, revenue generated by that new property would be permanently lost. 

With that said, there are limits as to how much the district can increase its tax extension. The Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL), otherwise known as the tax cap, limits the growth in the tax extension to 5 percent or CPI, whichever is lower. Last calendar year, CPI was 2.1 percent. 

Given that, the district is seeking a 3.5 percent increase over the 2016 tax extension. The estimated levy would result in the district requesting $50,065,190 in revenue for the capped funds. However, the district is anticipating the actual levy extension will be closer to 2.62 percent above the 2016 tax extension. 

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Superintendent Comments
* The Superintendent has a standing agenda item each month to share reflections, important updates, notable achievements and other high priority items with the Board. This section includes highlights of that communication.

Middle School Schedule Task Force
Last spring, the Board of Education created a Superintendent Task Force to look at how our student schedule operates at the middle schools, with a specific focus on whether there is adequate time in the areas of Math, English Language Arts and X-block. I wanted to provide an update tonight in terms of work that has been done in the last couple of months.
This fall, we officially convened and renamed the committee the Middle School Time and Learning Task Force. The task force is made up of a 12-member team, of which I am one. We also have an individual, who is an expert in middle school schedules and math instruction, serving as facilitator.  The team represents a cross section of content areas at the middle school level at Attea and Springman and is inclusive of a special education representative. We were able to cast a wide net without it resulting in a large group of people, which is powerful.
We met in September and October and have setup a third meeting for November. My hope is that by December or early January we will have an idea about what, if any, recommendations can be seriously considered for making any alterations to the middle school schedule for next school year.
If we do not have a good sense by January, then it may very likely not provide enough lead-time to make changes to the middle school schedule for next school year. Please know this is something we are tracking.
Our next meeting will be telling in terms of guiding our future work for the rest of the school year as we continue to think about what the ideal middle school schedule looks like, which is how this work was framed from the beginning. In other words, in a 21 st Century classroom, what does teaching look like and how can we create a schedule around that?  
We are taking a very organic approach and people have been very open-minded. I hope to have concrete items to share in the coming months. In the meantime, I wanted to ensure our Board is aware that this important work has not been forgotten about and much has already been done.  
District Discusses Use of Assessments to Support Student Growth
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction Beth Tsoumas shared with the Board of Education on Monday an overview of all assessments administered in the district and how these are utilized to maximize learning.
"Overall, our goal in District 34 is to provide a whole child curriculum that aligns with national and state standards and is supported by local curriculum defined by the values and resources of our community," Tsoumas said.
The presentation was broken into three key categories:
  1. How assessments are utilized to determine what students are learning
  2. What supports or resources are provided to students who are not learning
  3. How the district responds if students already know what we are teaching
As Tsoumas explained, assessments are the tool to determine where students are at with their learning, and these take shape in the following ways: classroom assessments, benchmark assessments (such as MAP) and state assessments (such as PARCC). Teachers review the data to better understand how to meet the needs of all students. 

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