It's Show Time!
LilyRoze Studios is casting for it's new Television Series "Suspended"
The Casting Call will take place Saturday, May 5th, 2011 at 12 Noon
810 S. Main St.
Memphis, TN 38106
(901) 308-2135
Please bring a  photo of yourself!
All Ages! Kids, Teens & Adults
No experience needed for extras. Refer a friend!
If you cannot physically attend this casting call please email us a photo of yourself!
 Character Breakdown


Dasmine- African American Male, 15-18. Arrogant Bad Boy

Jewel- Caucasian Female, 15-18. Aspiring Actress, Air Head, Spoiled

Neriah- African American Female, 15-18. Tough Girl very Loud & Sensitive

Shem- Caucasian Male, 15-18. Geek, always uneasy and uptight

Jude- Male Mid 40's, Hall Supervisor, Big Kid in a Old Man Body

Honey- Female Mid 40's, Overseer, Strict practice Tough Love

Dr. Carolyn Childs- Supervisor of Trinity Hall Youth Detention Center

Size- Female Villain. Dangerous Minded, Sneaky and Devious

Rain- Juvenile, Gang member who was admitted to the detention center after being found with drugs and a gun


Featured Extras


Fire Fighter


Police Officer


Homicide Photographer

Witness 1

News Reporter

News Camera Man

Security Guard


Class President

10 Graduates


Funeral Singer

20 Funeral Guest

Juvenile 1

Juvenile 2

Juvenile 3


Juvenile 4





A Fantastical and Kidcentric TV Series  


Season 1  

Episode 101 


Filming Location(s): LilyRoze Studios


Production Company: LilyRoze Studios


Runtime: 30 minutes


Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Family



Production Schedule

Saturday, May 12th... 9AM Table Read


Wednesday, March 16th Rehearsal for Featured Extras and Leads / An extra two rehearsals will be booked for the lead characters.


June 1st (Friday) Still Shots & Press Shoot 6pm-8pm


June 2nd (Saturday) Filming Begins at 5am (Refer to your call-sheet for your check-in and arrival time)
810 S. Main St.
Memphis, TN 38016