BRE Datsun News Issue #055:
Summer Events, BRE Baja 510 sighting & New Model Revealed                         June 27, 2017

We have a couple of upcoming treats for BRE Datsun fans.  Immediately, like this week, in just a few days is the Sovren  Pacific Northwest Historics .  The Raceway is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Trans-Am race at the track so Peter Brock is the guest of honor.  Details of what cars will be in the "Peter Brock" tent are below.

  Monterey Car Week will be a bit different for us this year as we won't have our traditional booth at the track. Instead we'll be at individual events throughout the week.  A highlight will be the rare showing of the original "survivor" BRE Baja 510 at the McCall's Motorworks Revival. Details are below. 

We're excited to announce a new BRE model by Greenlight. Below we share the details of the special edition we're offering.  
Also below are the highlights of a few Datsun-related events such as the Japanese Cruise In , the Mitty and some pics of ZCON attendees shared with us.

No matter what flavor of car you favor, everyone should have an appreciation for Brock Yates'  Cannonball Run from 1971 through 1975.  Peter Brock ran it in 1972 as one of a trio of "Flying Fathers". Below we provide his remembrances taped for the recent Cannonball Reunion. 

Last year's  BRE Open House came together quickly. Even so, the turn out was amazing.  We want to see even MORE cars this year so we're giving everyone several months notice for this now annual, first Friday in October event. There will be a spin on the event this year, so read below for more details.

Enjoy details below ,
Gayle & Peter Brock
Sovren Pacific Northwest Historics
Trans-Am Tribute June 30 - July 2 
SovrenPeter Brock being involved with many of the cars in the Trans-Am race series (Datsuns as well as Shelby Mustangs), is the featured guest at Sovren's Pacific Northwest Historics this year. 

Since we're celebrating the 4th of July holiday in Trans-Am style, you should too! In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first Trans-Am race at the Pacific Raceways track, we're offering this reproduction Trans-Am poster for $19.95 through July 8th to our newsletter subscribers (that's a 20% discount). 

Click here to order your discounted poster, using the code JULY4TH2017 at checkout to get your discount. Speaking of Trans-Am, the BRE Datsun 510 Trans-Am t-shirt is still in our discontinued category and available here for $14.95.
510 wreath t-shirt

A "Peter Brock tent" will contain many vehicles Brock has been involved in such as a '63 Corvette split window, the stunning Triumph TR-250K he designed in 1966, an R model Shelby GT350 Mustang, a Daytona Coupe replica, a BRE Datsun 510 Tribute car, an Aerovault and more!  
Brock will be in the tent throughout the weekend for autograph sessions.  We hope to see you there!   Get more event details here.
Petersen Museum's Japanese Cruise-In 
Their Largest Cruise-In to date
The Japanese car community was out in full force, and the Petersen Museum let everyone know it! Over 1,000 Japanese cars came and spilled over from the car park onto the streets of LA, making April 30ths Cruise-In the largest to date. 

Many millennials were in attendance, paying more attention to BRE's mascot Kit, not realizing who was walking her... Peter Brock!  Brock didn't mind and got to spend time admiring cars with the rest of the fans.   This Petersen Museum video gives a good  a walkthrough of some of the cars on display. 

We saw plenty of BRE spoilers!  You can get yours here.

The Mitty
510s United
TheMittyWhile we were displaying an Aerovault at The Mitty at Road Atlanta in April, we found a group that turned any place they were located into a cool 510 hang out spot. We asked to see their cars, and in true 510 spirit, they brought them to us!  We talked about BRE's upcoming Open House. We hope to see them here! 
The Cannonball Run

Reunion of the Original Racers

Brock Yat es hatched the first Cannonball in 1971 to prove that good drivers in good cars can go as fast as they want on interstate highways. "Speed is freedom, freedom is speed," says Yates. He and race driver Dan Gurney won the first Cannonball in a Ferrari Daytona, crossing the continent in 35 hours and 54 minutes. Says Gurney of that trip, "At no time did we exceed 170 miles per hour." If you would like to hear more stories of this fabulous time in automotive history, the book Yates wrote on the history of the Cannonball is available at these sources. I wrote the chapter on the Flying Fathers as many participants contributed their own stories to the book.  It's a great read!
ZCON 2017
Amazing turnout in Austin

ZCON2017It can't get much better than hundreds and hundreds of Zs (more than 400) descending on a great city (Austin) with one of the best tracks (COTA) in the country.

We weren't able to participate but we got some great reports and photos from friends.  These were taken by Vance Stepp.  The BRE Tribute car seen here is Randy Jaffe's from the Atlanta area.  If you know Randy you know we are not exaggerating when we say he will accept nothing less then a perfect replica of the original BRE #46 240Z which was totaled by a privateer shortly after leaving BRE's hands.
New BRE 1:64 Scale Model
Nissan GT-R (35R): The BRE Edition

It seems they weren't alone and everyone thinks the BRE livery looks smokin' hot on the newer Nissans! We partnered with Greenlight Collectibles on this 1:64 scale die-cast of a BRE Nissan GT-R. 

Staying true to BRE fashion, this model is a special edition.  Only 46 models will be available from BRE, all numbered (e.g. 1/46) and autographed by BRE Championship driver John Morton and BRE team owner and manager Peter Brock.  As the case is sealed and cannot be opened without cutting, numbers and autographs will be on the OUTSIDE of the case.

These will go fast and we're giving newsletter subscribers first opportunity to order them. Shipping the week of July 3rd, go here for more details and to place your order
Monterey Car Week
No booth at Laguna Seca, but...

Our focus for most events will be the Peter Brock-designed Aerovault car haulers. However, we have a special treat for anyone attending McCall's Motorworks Wednesday night August 16th.  Rarely displayed, we will be showing the BRE Baja 510 "survivor" which Peter Brock raced in the '69 Mexican 1000 (now referred to as the Baja 1000). It will be displayed at McCall's Motorworks Revival along with the Aerovault. 

Click on the image to watch an interview of Brock with Score from last year, talking about this race and how the team handled their suspension problems with 'air support'.

Here's our entire schedule for Monterey Car Week. We hope to see you at these events!

Carmel-by-the-Sea Concours on the Avenue
Tuesday Aug 15, 2017  10am-5pm

We're excited to show the Aerovault at this prestigious event that kicks off Monterey Car Week. Not just any (like none) car hauler is able to display on Ocean Avenue for this event!

McCall's Motorworks Revival
Wednesday Aug 16, 2017  5pm-10pm

If you haven't gone before, don't miss out on Gordon McCalls spectacular Motorworks Revival. The Aerovault joins company with the likes of Gulf Stream, Bombardier and Baume & Mercier. 
Along with the Aerovault we'll be displaying our "survivor" BRE Baja 510 that Peter drove in the Mexican 1000 in '69 

Porsche Werks Reunion
Friday Aug 18, 2017  7am-3pm

The Aerovault will join hundreds and hundreds of Porsches at the Corral de Tierra Country Club in Salinas. More than 50% of Aerovault owners own Porsches so we'll be surrounded by friends. Remember to get up early for this one.

Concorso Italiano
Saturday Aug 19, 2017  9:30am-5pm

Since Aerovault was named the "official trailer" of Sports Car Market a few months ago, we're collaborating with SCM publisher, Keith Martin at one of the fastest growing events on the Peninsula. During the Concorso we will discuss details of the Aerovault along with other beauties on the field.
BRE Open House
October 6, 2017 10am - 2pm
In Closing
There's a lot happening. Have we missed anything?  In this ongoing flurry of activities we hope to see you at one of the events we're attending this summer. 
We're not making it out East any time soon so now's the time to catch us at different locations as we scale the west coast. Remember the BRE shop is always open here in Henderson (near Vegas), so if you are headed to Las Vegas for a trip, we'll gladly give you a tour, just let the team know of your intended visit to see if we'll be here. 

Peter & Gayle Brock
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