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The Tennessee Attorney General's office has issued an opinion on HB1191/SB1248, a.k.a. the "anti-whistleblower" or "ag gag" bill.  Their finding?  The bill is "constitutionally suspect under the First Amendment."  Robert E. Cooper Jr., our state's Attorney General and Reporter, found that it could also "violate a person's  Fifth Amendment  rights against self-incrimination."  (To read the entire opinion, click here.)


Governor Bill Haslam has had this bill on his desk since May 3 and is deciding whether or not to sign or veto it.  Animal adovcacy groups, clergy groups, the ACLU, numerous media outlets, and many celebrities have asked Gov. Haslam to veto this bill, and now that the Attorney General's opinion states that this bill is constitutionally suspect, the pressure is even greater for the governor to veto.  Kudos to Rep. Mike Stewart (D) - Nashville for requesting the opinion and opposing this bill from the start.


ACTION NEEDED:  If you have not already called the governor, please do so by calling 615-741-2001 or you can send an email to  Please ask him to VETO this bill!



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