Palatine Tea Party
Press Release
October 5, 2011
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Village of Palatine Attempts to Hide Millions in Accrued Village Sick and Vacation Time Balances

(Palatine, Illinois) The Village of Palatine went out of its way to hide employee sick time and vacation time balances when we attempted to submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain employee balances.


Government agencies expect taxpayers to pay their expenses, but when asked to view the data the answer is met with clear opposition. The Village tried to hide behind HIPPA law as their excuse. We then appealed the Village's decision with the Illinois' State Attorney and won, click here. Based on the 2009 W2's, the sick time balance is approximately 9 million dollars and the vacation time balance totals approximately $687,000.


Click here, to view Village of Palatine's line-by-line employee sick time and vacation time balances.

If you are concerned with government abuse at your expense, directly contact Mayor Jim Schwantz 847-359-9007 and email the entire Palatine Village Board, click here.