Volume 46| December 12, 2017
BSEE Director speaks at SCIA and BIG Joint Luncheon
Scott Angelle, Director of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) spoke yesterday in Gray, LA at a joint luncheon with South Central Industrial Association (SCIA) and Bayou Industrial Group (BIG) on the offshore oil and gas industry's path forward under the leadership of President Trump's administration.

Angelle started by saying that 1 of every 6 barrels of oil produced in America comes from the Gulf of Mexico and 82 percent of that comes from deepwater - a sure sign that industry has continued to invent and accelerate and do the things necessary to fuel this country.  

Angelle also presented six key points that are critical in making the United States energy dominant, which is his top priority as BSEE Director.

Those six strategies include:

  • Access to more oil and gas resources
  • Regulatory reform
  • Competitive royalty rates (that benefits the American people)
  • Engagement (with stakeholders)
  • Safety and environmental safeguards
  • Tax reform 

He emphasized the need to have "regulation without strangulation" as two of the most prominent rules under the previous administration, the Well Control Rule and the Production Safety Rule are currently undergoing regulatory reform at the Agency. 

"The President [President Trump] and the Secretary of the Department of Interior [Ryan Zinke] believe that our best days are yet to come when it comes to offshore energy production," said Angelle.
BSEE Director Scott Angelle (middle) with BIG Board members
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“We need to do everything necessary to fuel this nation, ... but we also need to take a page out of the farmers of America’s book and realize that we can not only feed the world and fuel ourselves, but we can fuel the world, too,” Angelle said.

However, he emphasized that the federal government is not going to cut back or turn a blind eye toward worker and environmental safety because it is too important to everyone involved in the oil industry, local people and the nation as a whole.

“We all have a dog in this hunt because none of us can afford what happened in 2010 (with the BP oil spill) and as goes one of us, so goes all of us,” Angelle said.
Trump to Open the Door for Oil Drilling Off U.S.’s East Coast via Bloomberg
The Trump administration is preparing to unveil as soon as this week an expansive offshore oil plan that would open the door to selling new drilling rights in Atlantic waters, according to people familiar with the plan. 

President  Donald Trump   ordered  his Interior Department to write the new blueprint with the aim of auctioning oil and gas drilling rights off the U.S. East Coast -- territory that his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, had  ruled  out. The Interior Department’s coming draft proposal, an initial milestone in replacing the Obama-era sale plan, dovetails with the oil industry’s push for new places to drill, said the people, who asked not to be identified before a formal announcement.
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