VOL. 20 * NO. 4
The community sings the equivalant of a Birthing Song.  It is reassuring.  Our  

February 2016

from the diiyin
by Kagemaru McMahon
I was never taught to be afraid of Dragons.  They were always wise advisors that taught how to replenish myself and the planet we call Mother.  Between the 7 Sisters (Pleiades), and their Dragons, the balance of power within the seasonal cycles, bring rain, warmth, wind - all to nurture earth.  We are the ultimate messengers for this most sacred time in history.

From the union of Star Nations and Earth Evolution we find the sacred magic found within creativity, imagination and inquisition.  By being both thinkers, and doors, we become capable of brilliant new concepts.  We are guided by sound logic.  Our drive and ambition allow us to put many new concepts into action.  We become compassionate and empowered simultaneously.

As humanity moves into a quieter, more reflective nature, nature brings forth an appreciation that awakens our next phase of spiritual, emotional, and physical evolution.  The atmosphere becomes more reasonable in approach to caring for all life forms, and leadership a combined consensus.  Respect is common law, and the value of cooperation produces initiatives that are carefully thought out.

Becoming Free, a 5-day seminar, this May 1-5 (10 am - 10 pm) in San Diego suggests another dimension to the future of our potential.  Today, we are aware of shipping conscious, and are actively engaged in replying this information.  There are many interpretations in various philosophies, but we all agree on one thing...  our world is changing.  The question has been presented... are we changing with her?

My friend Beatrex Quntanna, will host and co-facilitate messages not only comprehensible, but heart touching.  We often sit around together relaxing, and discussion the dreams and visions and miracles that have lead us to our conclusions.  Conclusions that have also led us to offer Becoming Free.  The Dragons help us recognize, in various ways, our adventures and accomplishments in each aspect, striking familiar chords, enticing us to explore further our sacred identity.

Which Dragon Are You?

EarthSpirit Photography Life Visions
Baby It's Cold Outside!
Baby It's Cold Outside!
Community Fundamentals
It is not necessary to know everything about your community's work to co-create with them
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Digestive Tract #4 -
Suggested Herbs
Milk Thistle
One of the most potent liver protecting
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Evolution of the human-environment relationship
A full understanding of the challenges facing humanity requires knowledge of the evolution
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Healing Time StarWay:
February Ritual - Jumping Moon
Redefining Reality Regular play sessions not only restore our inner harmony and vital
by Maria Yraceburu  continue reading >> 

from the Global Family
Writing With Your Guides
Starts February 4th  * 4 Weeks
6:30PM - 8:45PM 
Janet Blessings

Celebrate our 13th Annual Temple Dedication & Goddesses Bridget, Laka, and Diana
February 9th * 7:30 pm * Concord
Daughters of the Goddess  -  Learn More >>

If you have an upcoming event you'd like to see listed in our monthly calendar, email the title, link and date to us by the 24th of the month.
7 Herbs for Children
Are you tired of using over the counter and prescribed medications with your child? Try some
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For ten days in June, the Yankton Sioux Reservation on the windswept high plains of South Dakota was a
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Eco-spirituality: towards a values-based economic structure
Corporate visions of sustainability focus on material prosperity - but leaders must respect the soul as well
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The Dance With Addiction and How I Learned to Love Myself (sort of)
So I have decided, in the midst of feeling like addiction has kicked my butt, and that typically in this
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Banjo Clarke,
Banjo Clarke, "Wisdom Man" - Aboriginal Elder
Caroline Myss - Freedom of humbleness, Finding your light, Mystical path and Grace
Caroline Myss - Freedom of humbleness, Finding your light, Mystical path and Grace
Elders of Earth January-23-2016
Elders of Earth January-23-2016
CONNECT With the Yraceburus
Programs @ with the Yraceburus
New Mexico Moon Ceremony for Womyn
6:30-9:30 pm * Donation @ the Door 
February 8, 2016 * March 8, 2016

Grandmother Naylin Lage | OnLine
March 18th | 5 pm PST | 6 pm MST | 8 pm EST  |   FREE 
Join internationally acclaimed Native American evolutionist and author, Maria Yraceburu for Naylin Lage and the Remembrance, an extraordinary channel inspired by the cyclic time of Rainbow Serpent Prophecies. 

WorkStudy @ Taa-naash-kaa-da 2016 
May - October * 30 day intervals
This opportunity integrates the practical, sustainable living skills of permaculture and earth life. Learn how to observe and interact with the patterns and rhythms of nature to co-create in beauty, abundance and rejuvenationg projects with the land. Learn how to observe and interact with the land and spirit to develop relationship skills, joy, peace of mind and deep connection to all things. Together, permaculture and Yraceburu EarthWisdom's philosophy enable us to begin to live fully and interacting with our environment and all of our relationships, while at the same time addressing the our most pressing issues with clarity and creativity.  Learn More >>

Becoming Free  | Encinitas, California
May 1-5, 2016 |  $693.52 | with Beatrex Quntanna
This seminar is an adventure into life as we discover the Dragon Identities we carry within our mystical nature.  According to ancient legend, this missing truth carries a sacred awakening to life purpose.  Together we embrace a time-stopping moment to bring the magical side of our nature home to our daily reality.  Registration ends April 1, 2015

Warm greetings!
I am a community member of Yraceburu EarthWisdom and I found out in last month's newsletter that YEW is in need of funds to buy our land at Taa-naash-kaa-da. I used to live in the mountains of Idaho and I have fondly remembered the times I would walk the land, listening to the birds and wind through the trees. I no longer live in the country, but I have always felt secure in the knowledge that Maria and Lynda and Taa-naash-kaa-da were there for me to visit.

The land reaks of ancient power and it's easy to slip into vision there. I hope my donation will help address what to me appears to be a community problem. I am a spirit lover and love touch to the earth. I sincerely hope you will be as happy as I to give a donation. It's in our highest good. 
 Truly yours, Joseph Moon

Complimentary Works
Honoring Enlightment
Jade & Carnelian Medicine Cord
Jade - the Dream Stone, realizes potential sparking peace within, accessing spiritual worlds and all knowing for living in top form. Bannishing envy, fear, rage and sorrow, Carnelian instills the message that "We ARE Love."

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Guarantees a smile and turns any negative day around! A soft, heavenly earth scent with notes of orchid, plumeria, pikake, ginger, jasmine, and gardenia. 

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