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Back to School, and New Internet Player with Google TV!

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Check out what we can do to make your back to school experience even better.  We also have the new Sony Internet Player with Google TV.  You're going to want one of these.


Back to School!    

School is just around the corner and whether you are learning an instrument, in a chorus, or just playing at home to relieve some stress, we've got you covered.  We have great prices on all of the most popular band and orchestra instruments for school. We offer full year or semester rentals on all of the standard instruments 


Would you rather own your own instrument then rent?  Stop in and check out our great selection of brand new instruments.  We have many options for everyone from students to professionals.  We also have a huge selection of  sheet music for all instruments if you are just looking to learn something new.  Are you a drummer?  We have some great deals of drum kits right now, including $150 off some select models. 


Not taking music in school?  Studies have shown that playing an instrument can help relieve stress. We all know how stressful school can be sometimes, maybe now's a good time to learn to play something new.  Whether it's a flute or a guitar, we can help you choose the one that you will enjoy, and we have a great list of local teachers to help you learn.

Sony Internet Player with Google TV!

What's on TV? It's completely up to you. Just connect this to your TV and find what you're craving with instant access to shows on live TV, streaming content, made-for-TV apps and Google Chrome™. Take control of your entertainment with an intuitive new remote that features a touchpad and backlit keyboard for easy operation. One box, unlimited entertainment. Enjoy live TV, movies and more with the The TV & Movies app.  Choose what you want to watch exactly when you want to watch it-comedy or drama, live or streaming, right now.  A host of made-for-TV apps like Netflix�, Pandora� and Twitter� are pre-installed on your Google TV right out of the box. Want more? Download an endless variety of apps in the Google Play Store™.  Also, with Google search built right into your TV, you can cross-search results from your cable provider, the internet, apps and more to instantly find the content you crave. You can even experience your favorite websites on a grand scale with the built-in Google Chrome™ browser.  All of this is done with it's special remote that includes a large touchpad on one side and a full keyboard on the other.  It's optimized for ease of use.  Stop in and let Allison give to the full run down on this great new product.

As always, we are here for all of your audio, video, and musical needsIf we can be of service, please don't hesitate to call or stop in.



Christopher Vangellow
Northern Music & Video