It's Back To School Time!
August is back to school time in the Valley!  It's also time for great back to school savings AND tips!

If you're headed back to high school, here are some great tips!
  • Get your portraits done early!  Avoid the mad rush later on as yearbook deadlines approach!
  • Get involved!  As you start your school year, look for clubs and activities that YOU care about.  After all, your high school time should be an adventure that you'll always remember.
  • Fill your time with things that interest you!  You never know what this will lead to later on in your life!

If you have a younger child heading into or back to elementary school...
  • Be sure to take lots of photos documenting your little one's educational journey!  Years from now, today's photos will be treasured memories.
  • It's ok to take photos with your smart phone as long as you remember to get prints made!
  • You should always make the time for professional images, but your everyday "phone" photos will add to your child's story!
Who's college bound?
Going off to college is exciting and a bit scary for some student AND some parents!
  • If college means leaving home, be sure to pack things that will make the transition more personal.  Photos and scrapbooks are great additions to any dorm room.
  • The same advice about clubs and activities for high school students, applies to college also.  Get involved in those activities that are meaningful to you.  Your college years will build your social repertoire so be sure to "get involved" with things that are important to you!
Just For High Schoolers!

If we are your schools "Official" yearbook photographer, call us today to arrange your yearbook session!  Be sure to also ask about upgrading your yearbook session!
If we aren't your yearbook photographer, call and ask about the incredible offers we have for you!  Find out why seniors make us their FIRST choice for amazing portraits!  Ask about our fantastic Senior Model program too!  We're looking for models from schools all over the valley - Over $1000 in sessions, bonuses and cash!

Call today!

Do You Have A Child Leaving For College?

This is the best time to call to arrange a time for your family portrait!  Don't make the mistake of thinking that there will be plenty of time later on!  NOW is "later on"!
Call today, 702-564-7166 and ask about our Pre-College Family Portrait Special Offers!

If you need any advice or help with your back to school plans, don't hesitate to call.  Over the years, I've helped many clients with this time of year and I'd be happy to help you with anything you need!  Give me a call at 702-564-7166.

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