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Fall 2017
Exciting New School Year Underway!

Giselle Gonzalez of McDaniel College at Iguazu Falls. She's studying abroad
in Buenos Aires.

Adventure and Study Rolled into One

Giselle Gonzalez is always up for a challenge. An award-winning trampolinist and junior at McDaniel College, she's always looking for new adventures.

She was curious about how studying political science and Spanish in a different country might give her a broader sense of the world and better prepare her for professional life after college.

So how did she make the leap to study in Argentina?

"I have Coach Nicole to thank for motivating me to go abroad," says Giselle. "She made me realize that studying outside the U.S. was possible, important to my career and not as difficult as people may think. She pushed me to look into different programs offered through McDaniel. Without her, this would have never happened."

"Now that I am in Buenos Aires studying at Instituto de Desarrollo Economico y Social, my current Coach, Miss Courtney, stays in touch to make sure I have what I need even though I am thousands of miles away from home," she says.

As part of her program, Giselle will spend her downtime traveling throughout the region. She's already been to Paraguay and looks forward to exploring Uruguay and Chile before her return to the U.S.

"Study abroad is so much fun," she says. "I would highly recommend it to students interested in opening their eyes to the world. Thank you, CollegeTracks."

Watkins Mill HS CollegeTracks Staff Welcomes Seniors Back to School

2017-2018 School Year Kicks off with a Strong Start

It's full speed ahead for juniors and seniors in our high school Access programs at Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Watkins Mill, and Wheaton high schools.

This year, CollegeTracks will serve more than 850 high school juniors and seniors. 
Staff and volunteers are eager to sit down with our amazing students to help make their dreams of going to college a realty.

CollegeTracks volunteers serve the program in three ways: They help with the college application and financial aid process; they work as tutors with students at Montgomery College to provide assistance in the areas of writing, science, mathematics, etc.; and they prepare students for important standardized tests like the ACT.


What's Freshman Year Really Like?
CollegeTracks Freshmen at Goucher College with Coach Courtney

Five CollegeTracks scholars have started their freshman year at Goucher College in Baltimore.

Marlon Gonzalez Martinez is one of those freshman (pictured above on far right). He loves college life and his new home away from home.

But he also says the transition required some adjustment.

At first he missed his family and friends because he had little experience being away from home. It was a challenging new environment, and he felt he was restarting his life. He struggled.

"But campus life got better," Marlon says. "Since Goucher is a small school, I get a lot of attention from my professors; and the best part for me is the independence of being on my own."

He says his classes are awesome and he loves his teachers, classmates, and new social life.

He thanks CollegeTracks for playing a huge role in getting him to college and his successful transition to Goucher this fall.

"Without the help of CollegeTracks, I wouldn't be in the position I am in now," he says. "I remember all those harsh times when I didn't get accepted to colleges I really wanted to go to and Ms. Lindsey and the staff cheering me up and telling me not to give up."

"Now that I am in college, I have a coach--Coach Courtney--who I consider my best friend for the next four years," he says. "She is going to help me make sure everything is going well in my classes, financially, and throughout my college experience. Thank you, College Tracks, for all you've done to help me realize my childhood dream of going to college." 

College Success Coaches Get Ready to Tackle the Challenges of Freshman Year
Coach Rachel Lostumbo with Montgomery College students Edwin Argeta (left) and Kevin Ventura (right).
Our Success program, which ensures students are supported throughout the college experience, is growing by leaps and bounds. This year, CollegeTracks will help 450+ students stay in college and thrive until they reach the graduation finish line.

Eight coaches will serve our college scholars this fall. On a regular basis via Skype, one-on-one chats or through incessant texting, the coaches check in with students to make sure they are thriving academically, socially, and financially. Their vigilance is critical since so many CollegeTracks students do not come from households with a college-going history, which means they're on their own to figure out what to do when they're struggling in a class, coping with the stress of exams, or dealing with roommate issues.

More than 200 CollegeTracks students will attend Montgomery College. Working with our coaches at the college are 10 volunteer tutors, many of whom come from backgrounds in education, publishing, science and the law. We even have one tutor who has played in the Redskins marching band for 49 years. Thank You, Volunteers!

Farther afield, our coaches are supporting students at the University of Maryland-College Park and Baltimore campuses as well George Washington University, Georgetown University and Trinity-Washington University. We also have a number of students at out-of-state schools such as the University of Chicago, the University of Rochester, Arkansas State, the University of Southern Vermont, Texas Christian University, and Hampton University.

For those students who are living away from home, our coaches actually make campus visits to ensure students are thriving.

Save the Date for Our Annual Graduation Celebration

Please join us as we honor CollegeTracks 2018 High School and College Graduates

April 25, 2018 at 6:30 pm

The Silver Spring Civic Building
Silver Spring, MD

Event Chair: Kevin Beverly of Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.

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