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Peter Monaghan,
Welcome Glenbard West Comminity to the beginning of the 2015-16 school year.  We are officially two weeks into what is bound to be a really special year.  Glenbard West is committed to maintaining the pride, tradition and excellence that have contributed toward our culture throughout the years.  While we honor the past, we also know that the field of education is always about the future.  No doubt all of you have seen some of the changes and improvements happening around campus. Our Biester gymnasium, locker rooms and weight room are now fully outfitted with air conditioning and heat systems.  Also, Biester gym has been outfitted with the latest LED lighting system, designed to improve lighting and efficiency.  Also, this summer the Village of Glen Ellyn completely redesigned Crescent Blvd. to improve safety, aesthetic and efficiency.  There are still minor items that need to be finished, but the school is very appreciative of these changes.  Finally, work has commenced on our Science wing that will be built on the east side of the building.  We believe that this state-of-the-art facility will enhance not only our science department, but in fact, the overall learning experience of all students.  In conjunction with this project, the entire building will be air-conditioned.  As principal, I very much appreciate all of the support from our district office, our parents, and all of the communities we serve for making these things a reality.

I must mention at the onset that our newest freshman class (the class of 2019) looks really strong!  I spoke with these students during our frosh orientation program and emphasized the importance of embracing the Glenbard West culture of high expectations while also committing to involvement with school activities.  I encourage all new students to challenge themselves by taking rigorous classes and to sign up to at least two clubs or sports throughout the year.  Should students ever struggle or have questions, they should know that teachers, counselors, administrators and support staff are all here to assist them.  I am proud to work with such a positive and committed group of professionals.  

The beginning of the school year involves many new rituals and activities that are exciting for our students. Last week, we held a back to school pep rally on Duchon where we showcased our fall sports and recognized spring state champions from last year.  On Friday of this week we have our back to school dance and then on the weekend a whole range of athletic competitions.  This newsletter also outlines our Back to School Night, next week on Wednesday evening.  To me, it is essential that we have all of our parents in attendance so that you can not only demonstrate support of your student but also be well informed regarding the educational programs here at West.  We are really excited about this night.

I am looking forward to this year and excited to be a part of the energy that surrounds our school.  Glenbard West is fortunate to have so many great kids and such strong support from our parents and communities.  As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.  And one more thing...Go West!



Peter Monaghan

Glenbard West Principal


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Pep Rally on August 28th

PLEASE NOTE:  Friday, September 11th
early student dismissal at 12:35 p.m.

Glenbard West Administrative Team

Front row:  Ryan Maita, Dean of Students;
 Peter Monaghan, Principal; Sharon Ruff, Dean of Students; Joe Kain, Assistant Principal for Athletics.

Back row:  Chris Mitchell, Assistant Principal for Student Services; Dr. Rebecca Sulaver, Assistant Principal for Instruction; Linda Oberg, Assistant Principal for Operations; Stacy Scumaci, Dean of Students.

Partnership with Equal Opportunity Schools
All four of our high schools have been accepted to the national AP/IB Equity and Excellence Project for demonstrating their commitment to ensuring that historically underrepresented students have the opportunity to succeed in challenging high school courses.
In the last five years, Glenbard West has doubled the number of students who take Advanced Placement exams. In regards to AP opportunities, we are intent on increasing enrollment among all of our students, in particular those students who might be underrepresented within these classes.  Our new partnership with Equal Opportunity Schools is a significant opportunity to reach students who have not enrolled in AP classes and show them that they can be successful in these challenging courses.
The goals of the AP/IB Equity and Excellence Project align with our strategic priorities by helping more students access the rigorous learning experiences that will prepare them to excel in higher education or the career of their choice.

Dr. David Larson, Superintendent

Partnerships, technology increase opportunities to grow

As part of our tradition of excellence, we continually pursue ways to improve students' opportunities to grow and succeed. Among the many opportunities this year are:
Increased Use of Technology
The number of students using iPads as their learning tool continues to grow. Students in freshmen classes use iPads, as do sophomores, who were the first students to see iPads replace traditional textbooks. iPads allow students to be engaged in deep learning tasks. By leveraging technology, we are empowering students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for lifelong learning and success in any career field, including those fields that don't exist today.
Partnership with Equal Opportunity Schools
All four of our high schools have been accepted to the national AP/IB Equity and Excellence Project for demonstrating their commitment to ensuring that historically underrepresented students have the opportunity to succeed in challenging high school courses.
In the last five years, we have doubled the number of students who take Advanced Placement exams, and we are focused on continuing to increase AP enrollment among all of our students. Our new partnership with Equal Opportunity Schools is a significant opportunity to reach students who have not enrolled in AP classes and show them that they can be successful in these challenging courses.
The goals of the AP/IB Equity and Excellence Project align with our strategic priorities by helping more students access the rigorous learning experiences that will prepare them to excel in higher education or the career of their choice.
AP Capstone
Glenbard West is one of only 3 high schools in Illinois chosen to implement AP Capstone™ ─ an innovative program that empowers students to develop skills critical for success in college inquiry, research, collaboration and writing. The program is designed to prepare more students for the rigors of college and success in future careers.
Through the AP Seminar course, students explore academic and real-world issues through an interdisciplinary lens and consider multiple points of view. Students are challenged to explore complex questions; understand and evaluate opposing viewpoints; interpret and synthesize information; and develop, communicate and defend their perspectives.
The AP Research course allows students to design, plan and conduct a yearlong mentored investigation on a topic of their choosing. Students use research methodology, employ ethical research practices and access, analyze and synthesize information to present and defend an argument .
Parent-School Partnership
Your support and active involvement in your teen's education are critical. We appreciate your dedication to your child's success and look forward to a great school year.

Message from Dr. Rebecca Sulaver,
Assistant Principal for Instruction
We are so excited to see our students back and working hard to challenge themselves academically here at West! Last spring, West students took a record number of Advanced Placement exams for the fourth year in a row! Our students took 1,988 tests during the first two weeks of May.  Once again, Glenbard West was identified as an AP Majority School.  This means that a majority of our graduating class (2015) took at least one AP course and exam. We greatly increased the number of students taking these AP tests.  The passing rate was 83% which means this was the percentage of tests that were scored 3 or higher.  These scores could earn students advanced credit at many colleges and universities. Whatever their score, research has demonstrated that students who take AP classes in high school are more likely to be successful in college coursework.
We also set some new benchmarks in specific subject areas, as several subjects had a record number of students sit for the exam, and other subjects set new high watermarks for average score earned. Some subject areas did both, featuring a large number of students who sat for the exam and a high average score. Some examples of subject areas that had 25 or more students sit for the exam and as group averaged a 3.5 or higher on the 5 point scale are listed below. Our AP students and teachers who worked so hard all of last year should be extremely proud of the accomplishments of AP students in all subject areas!
Subject Areas with 25 or More Students that as Group Averaged 3.5 or Greater
Calculus BC - 4.23
Calculus BC:AB - 4.48
Chemistry - 3.53
English Language and Composition - 3.52
European History - 3.53
Microeconomics - 4.08
Physics C:  Electricity & Magnetism - 3.75
Physics C:  Mechanics - 4.11
Spanish Language and Culture - 4.0
Seminar - 3.7
We are especially excited as we start the 2015-2016 school year, as even more students have enrolled in AP courses this year, putting us on track to break last year's record! We are so proud of the culture our students support here at West that calls for all of our students to challenge themselves in curricular areas in which they have a passion.
Finally, I hope you will be able to join us at our annual Back to School Night on September 9th (see insert in this Newsletter for more information). I look forward to seeing you then!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015
The staff and students of Glenbard West High School cordially invite you to join us for our annual Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 9th.  We will begin promptly in the auditorium at 6:30 p.m.  From 6:50 to 8:55, you will have the opportunity to follow your student's class schedule.  Classes will be ten-minute sessions so that teachers can speak with you and other parents in your group about the specific classes your students are taking this fall.  Get ready, as well, to hear about the countless ways in which subjects very familiar to those of us who graduated a few years ago are taking on some new and exciting dimensions.  We know that you will have questions about these courses, and we encourage you to ask them.  We ask, however, that you arrange for an individual conference with a teacher if you wish to discuss the individual progress of your students. Should our six-story building get you a bit turned around during the evening, student guides will be in our halls to distribute maps and to direct you to classrooms.  Please don't hesitate to take advantage of their assistance.  We always look forward to this evening, for we have found that it is an excellent way for our parents to get a true feel for the academic program their students are pursuing and to meet those people most responsible for making it come alive for these young ladies and gentlemen. 
Meeting for parents of seniors (with counselors) begins at 5:45 p.m. in the Library.
Meeting for parents of juniors (with counselors) begins at 5:45 p.m. in the Cafeteria.
Meeting for parents of sophomores and freshmen (with counselors) begins at 5:45 p.m. in the Auditorium.
Student's name______________________________________/_________________________
                                           CLASS                               TEACHER               ROOM
Period 1
(7:00 - 7:10)      ____________________________        _______________         ________
Period 2
(7:15 - 7:25)      ____________________________        _______________         ________
Period 3
(7:30 - 7:40)      ____________________________        _______________         ________
Period 4
(7:45 - 7:55)      ____________________________        _______________         ________
Period 5
(8:00 - 8:10)      ____________________________        _______________         ________
Period 6
(8:15 - 8:25)      ____________________________        _______________         ________
Period 7
(8:30 - 8:40)      ____________________________        _______________         ________
Period 8
(8:45-8:55)         ____________________________       _______________         ________

School Improvement/Construction
Linda Oberg, Assistant Principal for Operations
We accomplished a significant amount of work over the summer, and we are now in the process of building our new science wing.
Over the summer we replaced all the heating and lighting in Biester gym and installed air-conditioning in the entire building with the exception of the Field House.  Due to the high energy efficient lighting and heating there will not be a significant increase in utility bills even with the addition of air-conditioning.  The air-conditioning in Biester gym will benefit our PE classes and all other activities that occur in Biester Gymnasium.
We also worked closely with the village in the planning and completion of the Crescent Boulevard project.  We would like to thank the village for maintaining a safe environment for our summer camp and summer school students. The new road has already eased the congestion in front of the school and made pick up and drop off times much safer for our students.  There are still some cosmetic details that need to be completed, but the road was opened in time for the first day of school as promised.  Please pay close attention to the flow of traffic as you navigate the new road.
August 26th work began on the new science wing.  The new wing will include 8 new state of the art science classrooms, a green rooftop space for instruction, a new receiving area, and mechanical rooms.  The project also includes air-conditioning the entire building, remodeling eight existing classrooms and replacing the ceilings and lighting in much of the main building.   The new addition will have an elevator that will make it possible for physically disabled students to access all our Art and Music curriculum for the first time.
Safety is very important to us.  Walsh construction has secured the area with fencing and will keep their construction traffic away from student and bus traffic.  Please remind your students to stay clear of construction areas.

After remodeling on one of the current science classrooms.

During remodeling.

New Teachers at West
We are excited to introduce our new teachers for the 2015-2016 school year.
Tiffany Allen, Psychologist Intern
Darlene Argeropolos, English teacher semester 2 only
Max Bertane, Social Studies teacher at East and West
Kevin Berner, English teacher at South and West
Charlie Cho, Art teacher at East and West
Melissa Dudic, Mathematics Department Chair
Caroline Gonzalez, Health teacher
Molly Gstalter, World Languages at East and West
Britnee Hanson, Social Work Intern
Melissa Johnson, Special Education teacher
Alyse Lucas, Psychologist Intern
Molly McBride, Family and Consumer Science teacher
Liz McGann, Social Studies teacher
Kristin McKinney, Family and Consumer Science teacher semester 2 only
Mara Okerman, Special Education teacher
Ashley Peck, Guidance Intern
Yadira Perez, World Language teacher
Andy Schultz, English teacher
Kassandra Soderstrom, Physical Educaton at South and West

Chris Mitchell Asst. Principal for Student Services

Freshman Orientation
The class of 2019 was welcomed to West at Freshman Orientation on August 18.  A great deal of planning and preparation went into designing Freshman Orientation and a huge "thank you" goes to Ms. Curtis, Ms. Shah, and the senior mentors for all their hard work.  These mentors spent the entire day demonstrating what it means to be a Hilltopper and how to follow the "West Way."  The senior mentors modeled this year's theme, Stay Fresh, while emphasizing the valuable role students play in making West a safe, positive, and productive environment.  We expect students to be successful, involved, and respectful in all interactions and areas of the school. 

The show kicked-off in the Auditorium where Lexi Kief and Rafaela Brosnan outlined the schedule of events and encouraged the new Hilltoppers to make the most of this experience and their freshman year.  Connor O'Shea, senior class president, shared what Glenbard means to him and the extreme importance of being involved.  Students involved in the school community are more successful and feel better connected.  Therefore, our goal is to have each West student participate in at least one of our many options.  Please help us promote activities and sports with your student by discussing the importance of their involvement at school.  You can visit our website here  to keep up with the calendar of events at Glenbard West. For information on athletic schedules see Joe Kain's article below.

Matt Shoub and Mike Yangas were the emcees for the Pep Rally which served as the grand finale.  Students became familiar with the fight song, class cheer, and the essentials of being a great student, fan, and member of the Glenbard West community.  A special thanks to our marching band, cheer team, and Mr. Nugent for making this a truly memorable event.    The Glen Bard captured student and staff reactions to Freshman Orientation.  Visit their new website here  and view the Glenbard West Welcomes Freshman story to see for yourself.

West Nation/Circle Drive Dance
We are extremely fortunate to be partnering with West Nation again to promote fun and safe social events for our students.  The first West Nation event is the annual Circle Drive Dance from 8-11pm on September 4.  This dance is for Glenbard West students only and promises to be a great event.  If you are interested in purchasing a West Nation Pass, which allows access to all five West Nation events, please contact Kim Lutz (gw4kids@gmail.com) or Margaret Giffin ( giffins@aat.net ).

News from  Joe Kain, 
Assistant Principal for Athletics

West has had a great start to the school year with the addition of air conditioning to Biester Gymnasium.  Once again, we have over 750 student athletes involved in fall sports who are constantly striving for success in the classroom and on the playing fields.  We are very appreciative of the entire West community that supports all our programs.  We have a constant schedule of home events throughout the fall, so please check the most current schedules   here.  This Saturday, September 5th is Senior Day for our Football, Dance, Cheer, and Band programs with a 1:30 p.m. start for Varsity Football as they look to go 2-0 vs. Hinsdale South at Duchon Field.  Please note there will be a special pregame highlight that you will not want to miss!

Many of our teams are off to outstanding starts.  The Varsity Golf team recently captured the District 87 Championship along with Girls Volleyball who won the Wheaton North Tourney Championship.  Our Cross Country teams begin to compete this weekend and Field Hockey is also currently undefeated.

With the warm weather, please make sure that athletes are constantly taking in fluids throughout the school day.  Coaches are taking precautions with the high temperatures, but it is essential for athletes to stay hydrated during the day and at practices.

Thank you once again to the West Boosters who support all our students at West in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities.  Please look to sign up and participate in some way at the Booster Golf outing on Friday, September 11th at Village Links Golf course.  More information can be found here.  GO WEST!

7          NO SCHOOL - Labor Day
9          Back to School Night - see article in this issue for schedule
11        EARLY STUDENT DISMISSAL @ 12:35 P.M.
12        ACT test at West 7:45 a.m.
14        PLC Early Dismissal at 1:52 p.m.
            Freshman Orientation 2:00 - 2:35 p.m.
15        GPS Dr. Kelly McGonigal - "The Upside of Stress:  Why It's Good for You                         and How to Get Better At It" - Glenbard West Auditorium - 7 p.m.
16        Same program from 9/15 at District #15 Marquardt Administrative Center
            in Glendale Heights - Noon - 2 p.m
17         Booster Meeting - Library - 7 p.m.
21        PLC Early Dismissal at 1:52 p.m.
            Freshman Orientation 2:00 - 2:35 p.m.
26        GPS "Conquering the Challenges of College Costs" - Glenbard West Library
            10:30 a.m. to noon (Presented in English and Spanish)
28        PLC Early Dismissal at 1:52 p.m.

2015 YEARBOOK DISTRIBUTION:  pick up on Monday, September 21 from 
2 - 5:30 p.m. at the loading dock/administration parking area.  On September 22 and 23 they will be available from 2:40 - 4:00 p.m.  Please bring a photo ID.  Books may also be purchased for $40 at these times.  Uncollected books from previous years can be picked up by contacting Mr. Liechty, Social Studies teacher and Yearbook Advisor. 

Check out the new website for the Glenbard Parent Series Navigating Healthy Families at
here . The new website is mobile optimized so content will be easy to view on any device.