St John the Evangelist Parish
April 11, 2018
Lenten Service Tree
When we serve others we are humbled and blessed by that service.  There were 55 green ribbons hanging on our service tree at the end of Lent!  55 St John parishioners were humbled and blessed by service to others during the Lenten season!  Thank you for participating.
Please come and volunteer at St. John School's largest fundraiser, the school Auction.  This year, guests will be decked out in denim and diamonds, can you say the Bedazzler?   This gala event will take place at Fremont Studios on Friday, April 20th from 5-10 pm.  We are looking for volunteers, young and old, to help for an hour or two with this grand event.  Do you have time to help on the night of the auction?
Please sign up here.
Are you the best baker out there and want to showoff your baking skills? Please sign up here.
We appreciate all of your help and look forward to seeing you!    
Cheers, Karen

Questions?  Karen Bombino (,
Kristen Capka ( or
Auction (



Our parish Book Club is meeting on April 12th at 7:30pm at Jim Russell's house: 8705 14th Ave. NW, 98117

Everyone is welcome who would like to read and discuss a prominent theologian: Karl Rahner's Encounters with Silence. We welcome new members anytime!


Youth Migrant Camp is approaching! Your middle school son or daughter may find coming with our youth group leaders August 19-24 to be a life changing experience! All who are interested in details may email Sheila Connolly at the parish office at
Click here for the flyer.


The Ballard Community Center continues to host Sunday Dinners. This is a perfect opportunity for your son or daughter to get those service hours done! Please contact this email address to sign up!

Street Closure!
The City of Seattle let us know that 80th Street between 1st NW and Greenwood will be closed to traffic and parking on Saturday, April 21st and Sunday, April 22nd.  You will need to enter the parking lot from N 79th for Mass that weekend.
N Seattle Catholic Youth
Join us Sunday Evening at St. Catherine Parish Victoria Hall for our next series: Living Like Mary. We are going to be looking at the example of our Mother Mary for how we can live as Disciples of Christ. This is a great opportunity for friends, fun, food, and Faith. All are welcomed!
FELLOWSHIP MEAL Grades 6-12: 6:15 pm
HIGH SCHOOL GRADES 9-12: 7:00 pm
Click here for more information.

IGNITE YOUR TORCH (JULY 6-9) REMINDER: Early Registration for Ignite Your Torch ends this Sunday! All current 8-12th graders are invited to join us this summer for this amazing Catholic Youth Conference. Please see  for more information and registration. Contact Kate Brown, Youth Ministry Director with any questions - kate@nseattlecatholic or  206-488-5970.

Come & See: Wondering where God is calling you? Learn more about a vocation to the priesthood with Fr. Bryan Dolejsi, discover tips on prayer, and discern where God might be calling you! Join us for an Archdiocese of Seattle Come & See event on Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 at St. Benedict in Seattle. Mass at 6:30pm, followed by refreshments, small group discussion, and prayer in the rectory. Open to men ages 15-40. RSVP to the Vocation Office at and find more information at

There is a drop down menu at the top of the screen that defaults to Events.  If you want to see other calendars, such as Mass times or Holy Days and Holidays, just click on the drop down and choose the calendar you would like to view.  If you have questions, contact Sheila Marty at
A couple of odds and ends for you this week.  The first is a bit out of season, now.  That's my fault, not Marion's.
Hi Bill,
I have been reading Lent meditations from Loyola Press this season.  Here is one from The Sign of the Cross by Bert Ghezzi.
When we make the sign of the cross we invite the Lord to join us in our suffering. We touch our forehead and move down to our breast, telling the Lord with this gesture that we want him to bend down to us. Then we cross our shoulders in a movement that asks him to support us-to shoulder us-in our suffering. In many psalms, David sings of taking refuge beneath the Lord's wings, which the Church Fathers understood as a prophecy of our finding safety in the shadow of his crucified arms (see Psalms 17:8; 36:7; 57:1; 61:4; 63:7). The Lord's outstretched arms pledge that he understands our suffering and shares it with us.
Have a fruitful Holy Week and Happy Easter!
Marion Johnson  [Thanks, Marion.]
Related to Marion's nugget and "The Lord's outstretched arms", how many of you have seen Clint Eastwood's movie Gran Torino?  Did the final scene stay with you?
Also, about a month ago I mentioned a video of Peter Kreeft talking about "The 10 Books Nobody Should Be Allowed to Die Without Reading", and my resolution to re-read Kreeft's book editing and explaining Pascal's Pensées, Christianity for Modern Pagans.  I'm nearly finished with the book, and have been highlighting lots of nuggets.  Here are a couple of very short ones to give you the flavor:
Not one of the three greatest teachers and most influential men in history -- Jesus, Socrates, or Buddha -- ever wrote a word, except in sand
(Jn 8:6).
Men despise religion.  They hate it and are afraid it may be true.
Christianity is not a hypothesis, it is a proposal of marriage.

If you have prayer nuggets you'd like to share with the parish, email Bill Marty,  Thanks!
Saint of the Month
Saint Thomas More
Feast Day: June 22
(1478 -  1535)
Canonized: Pope Pius XI (1935)

Each month a portrait of the Saint of the Month is displayed in the church in one of the south side shrines.  You are welcome to spend some time reflecting on the life of the Saint and praying for their intercessions.