Enjoy services  at
Zion's Church

10:30 a.m. gathering music
10:45 a.m.
liturgical worship

Zion's church
is located at 
620 W. Hamilton Street 
in center city Allentown.
Just follow
the signs!


in the

This Sunday
at Zion's

It's like coming home after vacation! After a long summer in our (air-conditioned) Memorial Chapel, we're back in the sanctuary again this Sunday. Join us for lively worship!

Gathering music begins at 10:30 a.m. and the liturgical service begins at 10:45. See you on Sunday!

More than Prayers!
U.C.C. Disaster Response

Of course we have been keeping the people of Texas, Louisiana, the Caribbean, and Florida in our prayers during this violent hurricane season. And we also have been remembering the people of Bangladesh, India and Nepal, recent victims of destructive monsoons.

Fortunately, you can do more than pray: you can contribute, as you are able, to disaster relief and rebuilding efforts. Our members have made contributions in Sunday offerings and through donations online, knowing you can trust the Church to use your contributions exactly as you designate them. 

Our national United Church of Christ partners with other denominations through Church World Service and One Great Hour of Sharing in the long-term recovery work that is necessary in these disaster areas. You can keep informed of this work through their Facebook page.



with UCC  World Ministries
Executive Minister
the Rev. Dr. Jim Moos

October 1 ~ 10:30 a.m.

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Church Parking: 

Enter the Gross McGinley (Crown Tower) lot via 7th St.  DO NOT attempt to enter the lot through the alley! 

Look for the blue Liberty Bell Church Parking sign at the entrance to the lot on the north side of their building (pictured here).  Thank you to Dave Dettra for his service as our volunteer parking lot attendant!

NOTE: Depending on the time you arrive, the sign may be at the lot on the south side of the building as shown below.

Remember, too, that street parking is available both on Hamilton and Seventh Streets.

If you need assistance with parking, please call the church office (610-435-2412).

Administrative Secretary - Debbie.Baldree@LibertyBellChurch.org - 610-435-2412
Rev. Bob Stevens, Pastor - Bob.Stevens @LibertyBellChurch.org - 610-390-7787


Keeping in Touch 
Thank you for your support of Zion's Church.
You can visit us at www.LibertyBellChurch.org  
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