Who can attend?
Any youth who completed 8th grade by the time we leave and has reached the age of 14.

Why are there only 20 spots?
The Bahamas Methodist Habitat (BMH) requires that we reserve a certain number of spaces as they are limited to 50 spots per week. We reserved 20 spots making room for 16 youth and 4 adults. If we have more than 16 youth express interest we will check availability with BMH to see if there are additional spots available. If the spots are available and we have enough adults we will send more people.

Why are there four adults going?
Our Child Protection policy requires two male and two females. Additionally, BMH requires a 4 youth to 1 adult ratio.

How Much is this going to cost?
The cost for attending is $1500.00 and includes the following:
$750 Registration Fee to BMH
$24.75 Trip Insurance through UMVIM
$725.00 - Airfare (Actual cost may vary)

$1,500 is a lot of money, I don't think I can afford that!
We are offering a payment plan where you can break your payments into 10 installments of $150 each. There is more information on the payment plan here. Feel free to contact Brian Lamb with any additional questions regarding the payment plan. If you intend to utilize the payment plan, the completed paperwork is due at the time you pay your deposit. 

In addition to the payment plan, we will be offering the following fundraisers to help off-set the cost. 

Mailing Campaign
January Lock-in-a-thon
*Snowflake Dinner
*Mother's Evening Out
*Car Show

*Must be considered an active youth to participate

What if I sign-up and realize I I can no longer participate? Will I be out any money?
You have until April 7th to notify Brian Lamb that you need to withdraw from attending and receive a full refund. After April 7th your money will not be refundable as we will be purchasing airfare and paying our deposit at that time.

I'm on the waiting list, can I contribute to the payment plan so I'm not behind if a spot opens up?
Yes, you would be encouraged. Additionally, the $150 deposit is required to be put on the waiting list. All money will be refunded if a spot does not open up or is made available.

Can I use my service equity account to reserve my spot? 
No, you must make a payment by Cash, Check, or Credit Card (Please add $4.50 per transaction for credit card payments). You can however use your Service Equity Account for remaining payments. 

I am unable to come up with the funds for the deposit, does that mean I can't go? 
No, please notify Pastor Keith or Brian of your need for financial assistance. They will work with you to make arrangements and/or provide assistance.

Do I need a Passport?
Yes, you will need a Passport. A Passport is not required to reserve your spot but you will want to obtain it as soon as possible. It takes 6 weeks to process. Do not wait until the last minute!

I am interested in participating but have additional questions, where can I find the answer?
You can contact Brian Lamb by email or phone or talk with him at church. Brian will be available after Extreme Youth on September 25th and October 2nd to answer any questions parents might have. You can also visit the BMH website  here.