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Evangelical Faith and the Challenge of Historical Criticism
Philippians, Colossians, Philemon
Reading a Different Story
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New Releases from Baker Academic:

Hello from Baker Academic, and welcome to the January issue of E-Notes. We hope you had a joyous Christmas season.


We are pleased to note that the winners of the 2014 Christianity Today Book Awards included Myron Penner's The End of Apologetics, Scott Sunquist's Understanding Christian Mission, and Steven Boyer and Christopher Hall's The Mystery of God. These books were just some of many Baker Academic titles to receive awards over the past year; more can be found here. 


We are excited to be gearing up for the new year after a couple quiet weeks in the office, and of course with a new year come new books. The year 2014 will see new releases from Daniel Block, Chris Keith, James K. A. Smith, and many more.


Please contact us with any thoughts or questions.


God bless,

Mason D. Slater

Assistant Marketing Manager, Baker Academic 


"[A] rare gift to a new generation of students."

This timely resource discusses the relationship between historical criticism and Christian theology to encourage evangelical engagement with historical-critical scholarship. Charting a middle course between wholesale rejection and unreflective embrace, the book introduces evangelicals to a way of understanding and using historical-critical scholarship that doesn't compromise Christian orthodoxy.


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"Hays and Ansberry provide evangelical students with something they rarely see: a discussion of the major critical issues in biblical studies combined with a respectful, discerning appreciation for the biblical text as scripture. Too often students must choose between academic rigor and personal belief. A well-written volume treating these issues is a rare gift to a new generation of students now looking at many of these issues for the very first time."

--Gary M. Burge, Wheaton College


"This volume is a welcome addition to the growing number of evangelical voices calling for a reassessment of an evangelical doctrine of Scripture, not as an attack but for the end goal of supporting and enriching the evangelical movement."

--Peter Enns, Eastern University


"[A] boon to anyone seeking to understand and live out the timeless wisdom of St. Paul."

In this addition to the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, Dennis Hamm explores the significance of Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon and the enduring relevance of these letters to the life and mission of the church.


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"A marvelous book--lucid, intelligent, learned, accessible, and provocative--written by a scholar who knows how to invite people into the riches of the New Testament. Presented in a lively format that will appeal to both scholars and general readers alike, Father Hamm's new book is a boon to anyone seeking to understand and live out the timeless wisdom of St. Paul."

--James Martin, SJ, author of Jesus: A Pilgrimage


"All teachers of the letters of Paul will want to alert their students to this sparkling gem. It will enlighten anyone interested in Pauline studies, but especially seminarians, preachers, and pastoral ministers."

--John Heil, The Catholic University of America

"[T]he fascinating story of an indirect route to wisdom, deepening faith, and integration of mind and heart."

Noted Christian literary scholar Susan VanZanten recounts how her focus has shifted from American to African literature, leading her to advocate for a global approach to education and scholarship. Reading a Different Story recounts her journey of reorientation, reflects on the challenges of being a Christian woman scholar, and shows how the rise of global Christianity necessitates changes in academic life.


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"In this beautifully written memoir, an exceptionally creative, courageous, and faithful scholar-teacher invites readers to join her on a journey that has led her to a truly global sense of both literature and Christianity. . . . I highly recommend this book."

--Dorothy C. Bass, Valparaiso University


"[T]he fascinating story of an indirect route to wisdom, deepening faith, and integration of mind and heart. It will be enlightening for young scholars being pressured to figure out too much too soon, and inspiring for established scholars who know they are still trying to do so."

--Patrick H. Byrne, Boston College

January NetGalley

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