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Fall Newsletter
November, 2015

Cross-Cultural UX
I guess I'm old because I remember when designing a new user interface or a new product was fairly simple. When we thought about the target users, we only thought about our own country or our own culture.
Those days are long gone... and that's probably a really good thing. I can't think of a project we've been involved in over the past few years when it was that simple. Whether it be bouncing around the globe to study heavy machine users, thinking about emerging markets in India or China for medical devices, or just thinking about the particular preferences of Latino users for a new site or app, cross-cultural UX seems to be everywhere.

Which i s why we're really excited to have Eric Olive from UX Culture Works as part of the extended BE team. Eric has a long history of great UX work, but his particular passion has always been understanding other cultures. 

He doesn't just speak other languages. He's lived in other countries, is a student of other cultures, and has made his professional mark by bringing this deep cross-cultural perspective to the field of UX.  If you ever need any help thinking about cross-cultural UX,  let us know
and we'll point Eric in your direction. 
Hidden Gems

Here a few interesting tidbits that caught our eye this month: 
Complex Data & UX Design
Making the hard stuff easy and the easy stuff easier is hard.  One of our newest team members, Pete Elgin, makes is look easy though.  Pete comes to BE with a Ph.D in experimental psychology and a decade of UX experience.  He's spent time doing research, helping companies build their UX capabilities, and designing some of the best user experiences around.  He specializes in taking complex, data-heavy user experiences and finding ways to pull it all together in to an intuitive and easy-to use interface.  Pete has also been doing responsive design since before responsive design was a thing.  We're glad to have Pete helping out!

Upcoming Training

The end of the calendar year and the cold months of winter are sometimes a great time to work some professional training in for your team.  Contact us soon if you'd like to find a time for some training for you or your team.  Our certification-track training is available onsite or remotely and covers all of the fundamental things you need to know as a UX professional.  Send a note to or call us at (866) 216-1516 to set something up now.

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