A ttention Ballard High School Families

The proposed 2 Tier Transportation Service Standards for 2017-2018 changes Ballard High School Start & End Times to:

Start Time 9:00 am - End Time 3:50 pm

Things to note with a 3:50 pm end time
  • Athletics schedules may cause students to have to leave school earlier.
  • Activities & Clubs may have to happen in the am or may not be able to be scheduled.
  • It may be difficult for students to get to jobs with a later release time.
  • Students will be released during rush hour for the Metro Bus with longer commute times.

FROM Seattle Public Schools

UPDATED: On April 24, 2017 , the Mayor announced that the City of Seattle has agreed to fund the one-year cost of moving Seattle Public Schools to a two-tier bus system. What this means is no school will start earlier than 8:00am and no school will start later than 9:00am. 
Next Steps : It will be a two-step process to implement this action. 
  1. The City Council will need to authorize the expenditure; the district has received assurances that this will happen in order for the district to be able to implement the new system. 
  2. The School Board will also need to accept the grant from the City. Both should occur before the end of this school year. So this information is being provided for planning purposes during your end-of-year activities and for family and provider planning for the 2017-18 school year. As soon as the 2 Tier system is finalized, additional notice will be provided.  
More information will be forthcoming in upcoming days from your school.  However, you can see the two-tier bus schedule approved by the school board in January on the last page of the board action taken in the following SPS School Board Action Report  

Questions: Contact BHS Principal Mr Wynkoop at 252-1000 or the Seattle School Board at 252-0040.