Your Attention Please - BPA Needs You!

Ballard Performing Arts Board Open Positions 
Serving Over 450 Students in 16 Performing Groups

Half of the BPA Board is graduating along with their Seniors this June! 

Without the support and participation of our parents / guardians, the Performing Arts at Ballard High School would not be the excellent program it is today. Keep in mind that our four directors receive no funding from Seattle Public School apart from their salaries. Please help keep our program vibrant and growing by lending a helping hand.The Ballard Performing Arts Booster Club exists to support our four directors in many ways including: informing parents and guardians of all Performing Arts activities, requirements, and events, promoting community attendance to events, recruiting volunteer helpers, fundraising options and maintaining a presence in social media. 

Looking forward to the 2017-18 school year, we currently have the following lead positions open. Please email any questions about the open positions to the person currently in the position. You'll receive detailed information about the role and also an offer to ease your transition into it.  It takes a village to support a program of this size that continues growing every year!  In addition to this list, there are opportunities all year to chaperone field trips, bake for bake sales, and come to concerts and shows to support our students. Thank you in advance for your support!

VP - Communications
Time Commitment:  6 hours/month from home or at BHS

In charge of communication and promotions to the community at large. Delegates to the Communications Committee. The following positions are part of Communications Committee: Publicity Lead, Website Chair, Poster Distribution Lead, Social Media Lead (currently open), Calendar Owner (currently open), Graphic Design (currently open) and Newsletter Editor. Job can be done at home with exception of BPA Board Meetings

Please contact current VP Communications with questions:  Ann Selberg

VP - Volunteer Coordinator
Time Commitment:  6 hours/month 
Creates and updates Sign Up Genius, relays event needs to newsletter, confirms all volunteers, emails thank yous to volunteers after events. Attends BPA Booster Board Meetings monthly.

Please contact current VP - Volunteer Coordinator with questions:   Tyson Brown

Secretary or Co-Secretary
Time Commitment:  8 hours/week

Maintains minutes of board and general meetings, distributes agenda, custodian of records and reports, keeps student database updated between school report from directors and info received at beginning of year. Coordinates with newsletter lead, maintains Google Drive and serves as archivist. Job can be done at home with the exception of monthly meetings and/or committee meetings. Job can be split between 2 people.

Please contact current Secretary with questions:  Rebecca Staffel

Time Commitment:  8 hours/week in school year and 4 hours/week in summer

Serves on the finance committee, presents the budget to the membership; keeps accurate records at all times; receives, issues receipts, and deposits promptly in an authorized account all monies and disburse same according to the approved yearly budget. Presents a written financial report every month and such other times as required by the president; provides all financial records if requested by the president or board of directors members; closes the books on June 30 and submit the books and records for financial review to a financial review committee, handles all moneys and deposits, maintains ledger. Job can be done at home with the exception of monthly meetings.

Please contact current Treasurer with questions:   Mike Hansen

Marching Band Uniform Coordinator
Time Commitment: 30-40 hours in August and September and 20 hours in June, with some mid-year maintenance.

Maintain uniforms, organize fittings in the fall and return in the spring. Coordinate with directors to order new inventory.  The time commitment for band uniforms in June is at least 20 hours.  Uniforms have to go out for cleaning, returned and individual pieces returned to bags before fittings at the end of August. Senior uniforms need to be taken apart and put in away until the August fittings. There is already a committee in place to check band uniforms in and out before and after fall football games and the Choir, Orchestra and Band Reps will help support you.

Please contact current Uniform Coordinator with questions:  Jill Hansen

C0-Concert Wear Coordinators:  Tuxes and Dresses
Time Commitment: 30-40 hours in August and September and 20 hours in July with some mid-year maintenance.

Maintain concert attire for all 3 music groups, organize fittings in the fall and return in the spring. Lots of prep work in July - Aug when clothes come back from the dry cleaners to get ready for the August fittings. Tuxes are bagged for returning students, graduated student clothes are put back in stock by size and pant length. Uniforms are ordered after the fittings in August (September for the tuxes) The Choir, Band and Orchestra Reps will help support you along with student volunteers during fittings.

Please contact current Concert Wear Coordinator with questions: Jill Hansen

Publicity Lead
Time Commitment: 6 hour/week - fluctuates with concerts and events

Works with local media to publicize BPA events and accomplishments. Writes press releases and articles for neighborhood blogs. Maintains spreadsheet of contacts. Also communicates to feeder elementary and middle school newsletters. Recruits parent photographers during shows and events. Works with parent reps to recruit videographers.  Can be done at home with the exception of Communication Committee meetings and at events and/or rehearsals

Please contact current Drama Rep with questions:   Ann Selberg

Graphic Designer
Time Commitment:  7 Designs/school year

Designs posters for concerts, shows, and fundraising events for both printing and online assets. Okay to templatize. Approximately 7 designs per year.  Can be done from home with the exception of occasional Communication Committee meetings.

Please contact current Graphic Designer with questions:  Julie Whitehorn

Calendar Owner
Time Commitment: 1 hour/week

Update an excel spreadsheet to keep it current and distribute as needed to BPA Board Members and BHS Office. There is a link to the spreadsheet in every weekly newsletter and on the website . You'll be the envy of all of your BPA friends as you'll always be "in the know"!

Please contact current Calendar Owner with questions:  Diane Taylor

ASB Account Manager
Time Commitment: From less than 3 hours to 5 hours/month

Works with BHS Activities Office to keep track of fundraising efforts of all students. Students who participate in fundraising activities have their funds tracked in individual Associated Student Body (ASB) accounts to be used for BPA field trips or camps.

Please contact current ASB Account Manager with questions:  Dan Requarth

Spotlight Gala C0-Chair
Time Commitment:  August - November

Recruits committee to plan fall Spotlight Gala. Coordinates with all 4 Department Directors and their Reps. Job can be done from home with the exception of Fall Board and General meetings.

Please contact current Spotlight Gala Co-Chair with questions:   Mara Lim.

Dessert Dash Lead - BHS Golf Tournament
Time Commitment: 4 hours for emails and 8 hours day of event - Sunday, 8/27

Organizes collection of desserts for golf dinner event. The Volunteer Coordinator will create a Sign-Up Genius for you. Organizes dessert transport to Newcastle Golf Course on Sunday, August 27th including setup of table and signage.

Please contact current Dessert Dash leads with questions: Joan and Dave Rice