November 16th, 2017

Spotlight Dinner & Auction
Last Minute Needs

Tickets: Sold Out  
There are no tickets available.
November 18th, 5:30pm - 10:30pm :

Festive attire and school colors are encouraged. 
Free parking.
Open seating - get there when doors open to save your seat.
Catalog:  Take a peek at all the items ready for your bids HERE !

Volunteers Needed:
  1. We need 2 people with room for cargo in their car, to transport and store the clean-up items after the Spotlight, and return the items to an unlocked Ballard High on Sunday, November 19th at 4pm.  ADULT SIGN UP
Contact with questions. 

Damn Yankees Auditions  
NYC Trip Fees Due
Damn Yankees Auditions  

Chamber Orchestra to Lincoln Center:  Updated itinerary attached! The first and second payments for New York are now past due. Please email Ms. Newell with questions about your trip balance. 

Damn Yankees Pit Orchestra Auditions:  Pit Orchestra Auditions after school on  Wednesday, November 29th. S ign up on the bulletin board outside of the music office.

Haydn Rehearsals:
11/27  Monday   3:45-5:45 Strings, winds and percussionists
12/1    Friday      3:45-5:45 All Haydn performers
12/4    Monday   3:45-5:45 All Haydn performers

Orchestra Party:  Each year the directors donate and host a party for students as an auction item for the Spotlight Dinner and Auction. You can sign up at the silent auction, and all proceeds benefit Ballard Performing Arts. If you are not able to attend the auction, but still want to sign up, you can send a check to Ballard Performing Arts by December 1st. 
This year, Ms. Newell will be donating an afternoon out in Magnolia including an Italian lunch and a chamber orchestra concert. We have space for 10 students. The cost will be either $40 or $50 per student. 

Saturday, Dec. 16th 
12:30 PM  Italian lunch in Magnolia
2 PM Concert in Magnolia

North Corner Chamber Orchestra Performs:
Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 1
Pärt - Fratres
Jim Knapp - Novurture *newly commissioned work*
Stravinsky - L'Histoire du Soldat
SoCal Trip

Congratulations to Vocal Jazz and Concert Choir for their performances at the Edmonds Vocal Jazz Symposium and the WWU Fall Choral invitational festival. They both had inspired musical performance, and were praised for their balance, bend, and tone quality.

Special thank you to the parents who volunteered an entire day to drive and chaperone both events: Joan Rice, Marie Gill, Tyson Brown, Erin Henessey,  Regan Froelich, Nikki Neuen, and Page Harader.

Concert Choir and Advanced Chorale: April 19-22, 2018. The choirs will participate in the Choir of America Festival for Choirs - West Division in Newport Beach, which includes an onstage performance, adjudication, extended clinic, school exchange, and evening concert. In addition, students will visit Santa Monica and spend two days in Disneyland/California Adventure, with an additional Disney Performing Arts performance in the park.

Please turn in the attached flyer and a $250 deposit. 
Whistler Chaperones Needed, Whistler Fees & Gratitude  

On behalf of Mr. James and the Ballard Bands, thank you. We raised the money to buy a tuba. At the fall concert, Mr. James asked for help raising funds. With an anonymous gift of $2,500, concert donations, online fundraising, corporate matching, and a PTSA grant, we raised the $8,000 we needed! We are humbled by your generosity and to be part of this wonderful community
To view all of the Fall Band Concerts and other BPA Performances visit the BPA Vimeo Channel.

Fall Band Concert | Wind Ensemble | Nov 8, 2017
Fall Band Concert | Wind Ensemble | Nov 8, 2017

Urgent Call for Whistler Chaperones:  To ensure the Wind Ensemble's Whistler trip will happen, we need either two males or one couple to volunteer by Wednesday, November 22nd. 
The expected cost for chaperones is $450, which includes transportation, three nights at the Hilton Whistler, three breakfasts, two dinners, festival admission and all group activities. This is a fun destination and a great deal. You will have some free time and chaperone duties are simple: help students be on time to scheduled activities, complete room checks at night, and help students or Mr. James as needed. Please contact Jen Witeck with questions or to volunteer.

Whistler Festival Payment Due Today:  The second payment of $200 for students and $150 for chaperones is due today.  Every musician - including scholarship recipients - must make a payment. Pay through their personal student account funds, check made payable to BPA, or online .

Spotlight Dinner and Auction Call Times: 
The call times for small ensembles performing on 
Saturday, November 18th  at the Swedish Club for the Spotlight Dinner and Auction are as follows:
5:00pm Jazz Combo
6:00pm Jazz II
8:30pm Jazz I (if not in the jazz combo)

Save the Date for Pizza and Pep Band:  All band members are required to attend Pizza and Pep Band on  Tuesday, January 10th . Pizza and Pep Band is a great opportunity for middle school band students to learn about the BHS Band by performing with us at a basketball game. 

Performing Arts Videographer Needed: Interested in taking BPA Concert Videos? Please contact Diane TaylorNot only are the videos great to forward to family & friends, video performances are needed for the Directors to apply to events, competitions & festivals.

If you have any questions about these items or would like to volunteer, please contact Jen Witeck.  
Student Fundraisers & Spaghetti Dinner Prep

Candy:Candy can be checked out most mornings at the uniform room starting at  8:30 am.  
The candy sales ends Friday December 1st. Turn in your collection envelopes to the band room mailbox. Be sure your name is on the envelope and remember you can not turn in coins.

Coffee:  This is the final week for coffee sale. Don't forget to hit up friends and co-workers, as well as buy a half dozen extra bags to send as Christmas gifts this year. Students should submit order sheets and payments, in an envelope, to their Performance Art instructor this  Friday, November 17th . The top seller will receive a forty dollar gift card from El Camino.

Spaghetti Dinner: The Spaghetti Dinner ( Saturday, February 3rd) Co-Chairs are looking for volunteers to fill one these three key roles:
  • Food Procurement Coordinator
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Clean-Up Manager
Many of the logistics are already in place from past years so you won't have to start from scratch, and there is also room for new ideas. Committee leads report to the event Co-Chairs, and will only meet two times once in late November and January. Most of communications will be handled via email. 

For more information  click here or contact Michelle Berman or Shana Nielsen

Volunteers needed: Help spread the word about Ballard Performing Arts in one of these positions:

1) We need your help to keep our social media accounts humming with representation of the activities our students. Are you social media savvy? Do you enjoy taking beautiful photos and posting with captions? Are you enthusiastic about Ballard Performing Arts? Band, Orchestra, Drama, and Choir need your help. Contact  Eric Souza .

2) Poster committee needs a volunteer in the Magnolia area to hang some posters in local businesses. We have a list of suggested places and this won't take a lot of time. Contact Sylvia Schweinberger,.

3) We need someone to spread the word within the school community about Performing Arts happenings. Notify the PTSA weekly news, the daily bulletin through Vivian in the office, keep in touch with the school webmaster, and maybe hang a few posters in the hallways. The school is your turf. Material about events is already in BPA newsletters and is being generated by our own publicity folks. We have photos and graphics ready. You would edit the message to newsletter-appropriate length, pop in a graphic, and send! This might take you an hour per week, often less. Contact Eric Souza, . 

BPA At A Glance

Spotlight Dinner and Auction 5:30pm - 10:30pm The Swedish Club Small Ensembles
Haydn Rehearsal  3:45 pm - 5:45 pm PAC Haydn strings, winds, percussionists 

Auditions for Damn Yankees 3:45 pm - 6:15 pm PAC & Band Room 
Haydn Rehearsal II 3:45 pm - 5:45 pm PAC All Haydn performers 
Haydn Rehearsal III 3:45 pm - 5:45 pm PAC All Haydn performers 
Band Rehearsal 3:45 pm - 4:15 pm PAC 
Magnolia Chorale Concert 7:30 PM Magnolia Lutheran Church Women's Chamber Choir 
Winter Orchestra Concert 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm PAC All Orchestras & Haydn performers
Winter Band Concert 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm PAC All Bands & Haydn performers
Seachordsmen Concerts 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church Women's Chamber Choir & Men's Ensemble
Winter Choir Concert 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm PAC All Choires & Haydn performers
Vocal Jazz Caroling Day TBA Various - Ballard, Magnolia, QA Vocal Jazz
Ballard Performing Arts
  Ballard Performing Arts Booster Club
all questions welcome at:

PO Box 17774 
Seattle, WA  98127