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Happy Holiday Cooking Starts Here

From turkeys and trees to breads, pies and gifts, the Baltimore Farmers' Market & Bazaar has you covered for Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season.  

Through December 18, market-goers can shop for seasonal ingredients for holiday meals and unique, handcrafted gifts for their loved ones and holiday decorations. As the season progresses, wreathes, Christmas trees and other greenery also become available. Mr. and Mrs. Claus will even be making a special appearance November 27! 

Prepare Now for the Winter
Sign Up for CSA

As winter is approaching, now is the time to sign up for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or Home Delivery programs to make fresh produce available year round. The following are some farms from the Baltimore Farmers' Market & Bazaar that participate. 

Martin Family Herb Farms/Grandma Annie’s Harvest- Their herbs and specialty items, along with produce and proteins sourced from other farms, are Home Delivered through Grandma Annie’s Harvest. Like bringing the farmers’ market to you. Contact: 

South Mountain Creamery- Home Delivery of their dairy products through the winter months Contact:

Two Boots Farm Fall/Winter CSA- Fall and Winter sustainably-grown CSA shares on a weekly basis as produce is available.  Shares are paid for online and can be picked up at a location in Baltimore City(TBA) or on the Farm. Occasional partnering with other small, sustainable farms like Good Dog Farm and Little Gunpowder Farm to offer more variety to CSA members.Contact:; newsletter here; Order 

Zahradka Farm- The 100 year-old farm has been running their 14-week “Z” winter CSA since 2010. Their winter crops are non-GMO, and not sprayed, treated or gassed. Contact:

Pick of the Week Recipe

By Sandy Lawler, chef and manager of the Baltimore Farmers' Market & Bazaar

Braised Meats and Veggies

To braise is to slow cook. You can braise Lamb Shanks, Pork Shoulders, Short Ribs, Cabbages, Root Vegetables… just about anything. It’s the perfect winter meal.

Lamb Shanks, serves 4

4 Lamb Shanks

1 large Onion

1-2 Garlic Cloves

1 bottle of a dry Red wine

3-4 Sprigs of Thyme

1-2 Tomatoes chopped

8 Carrots peeled

4 Parsnip peeled

Olive Oil (mild) or Grape Seed Oil

Salt and Pepper

Parsley, washed and finely chopped.

Oven and stove proof pot with a lid, big enough to hold the shanks in 1 layer preferably. 

4 Potatoes(peeled or not, your choice)**


Salt and Pepper the shanks.

Heat the pot on the stove and put in a couple of tablespoons of Olive Oil and brown the Shanks. Add the onion, garlic, and tomato and cook for a couple of minutes on medium. Pour in wine and nestle in the Thyme.

Bring to a simmer, turn down and cover. Cook for 2-3 hours until meat is tender. **

Remove Shanks from pot, cover and keep warm.  Remove excess fat floating on top; Salt and pepper to taste.

Return Shanks to pot and add carrots and parsnips (if they are really big and fat, slice lengthwise).

Simmer for 15 minutes or so until veggies are tender.

Serve atop Mashed Potatoes**; sprinkle with parsley. 

**Place washed potatoes in cold water. Cook until a knife pierces easily. Drain all but ½ cup of the cooking water and set aside. Mash potatoes with a good splash of olive or grape seed oil (you can use butter, of course). Add some cooking liquid to desired consistency. Add oil as desired. Salt and pepper to taste. 

Cooking Demos 
Check out the cooking demonstrations at 9:30am by area chefs using ingredients available at the market.

November 20: Chef Charlotte Galley of Baltimore Chef Shop

December4: Chef Von, former owner of Chef Von’s Café at Lexington Market and current chef at Chef Von’s Kitchen

December 11: Chef Cat of Dovecote Café will demo Sweet Potato and Lentil Curry Soup

Image features Chef Charlotte Galley
Free Parking

Compliments of Mercy Medical Center, patrons can park for free in the Mary Catherine Bunting Garage, located at 330 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202, for two hours (maximum) from 7am to noon.

Vehicles should enter through the Pleasant Street entrance.Guests can bring their ticket to the Welcome Tent for validation.    

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