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Barbara Walters Reports on Progeria, Saturday, January 19


Lindsay Stripes
Lindsay is featured on 20/20 Saturday night.
Don't miss PRF's Medical Director Dr. Leslie Gordon on ABC's 20/20 Saturday night at 8:00 pm EST!  Dr. Gordon will talk about the status of Progeria research, including the exciting discovery of the first-ever treatment for Progeria.  Ms. Walters will also include an update on some of the girls featured in the September 2010 program, When Seven Looks Like 70...A Race Against Time for Three Young Girls.The hour-long program was a huge hit, and has since re-aired due to its popularity.

The Progeria Research Foundation appreciates every effort to raise awareness about Progeria, and is pleased that Barbara Walters, ABC and the public recognize the unique and remarkable nature of these special children, as well as Progeria's connection to the aging process that affects us all.

Please forward this notice to your address book so they, too, can learn about these remarkable children and the important work PRF is doing. They (and you!) can support Progeria and PRF's quest for a cure by making a donation here   



Together, we WILL find the cure!   

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