Ashiatsu Deep Feet Bar Therapy
Barefoot Basics Certification Process
Thank you for taking the extra step to become CERTIFIED!

What Now?
To ensure safety for our therapists and clients we require 20 documented practice sessions. We suggest practicing for no charge on fellow friends, family and colleagues.
Please have each practice client fill out the evaluation form in your manuals. Use the evaluation forms for constructive feedback to help sharpen and fine tune your newly developed barefoot skills. Try to avoid working on regular clientele until you have gained full confidence in your Ashiatsu skills  and are ready to charge them. Offering a discount  to your clients at first is helpful to gain momentum in promoting  Ashiatsu to your clients.   
Step 1.Perform 20 documented practice Ashiatsu sessions
Step 2. Complete online quiz & provide 20 names and phone numbers               
 Step 3: Pay Certification h andling fee:

Once we have received your payment, quiz and verify your  practice sessions we will determine whether or not you passed and will become certified in Ashiatsu Massage under under the DeepFeet Bar Therapy Company. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing from the time you submit your quiz until you receive your certification. Your certificate will arrive via mail.

We hope you all enjoyed the class and incorporate Ashiatsu into your practices!

The take away from class:
  1. Work smart not hard! Stay in principle 16 (nose over knee) for consistent pressure. 
  2. Use your natural body weight to increase your pressure.
  3. No death gripping or hanging from your bars
  4.  Practice, Practice, Practice! Even if it's just seated shoulder routine                        Your feet will wake up before you know it!
Thank you again so much for choosing our class for your Continuing Education,
and for all the love you put into your Ashiatsu.

We look forward to supporting your growth deeper into this technique!
Ruthie Hardee & the DeepFeet Instructor Team!

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