Sweetwater Education Association
Bargaining Update 15: We Have a TA!

April 10, 2014


The SEA Bargaining Team is happy to announce that late this evening we reached a Tentative Agreement. This bargaining session was arranged late yesterday. Dr. Brand led the district's team himself. The SEA Bargaining Team, chaired by Sandra Finkelberg, negotiated the agreement. SEA President Roberto Rodriguez was also present at the table.


We've reached a 3-year agreement. Here are some of the details:


Staffing ratio:

2013-2014: 31:1

2014-2015: 30:1

2015-2016: 28:1


Student contacts:

2013-2014: 182 students

2014-2015: 180 students

2015-2016: 176 students


Middle school PE classes:

2013-2014: 275 students

2014-2015: 265 with a class cap of 55

2015-2016: 255  with a class cap of 51


High school PE classes

Starting in 2014-2015, PE classes shall be no larger than 55 students.



As a side memorandum of understanding (MOU):

Members will be reimbursed for costs of additional health authorizations required and already encumbered up to $400 per unit member for credentials obtained 1/1/2012 to 12/31/2014.


Members will be reimbursed for costs of Autism authorizations, up to $500 per unit member for authorizations obtained 1/1/2012 to 12/31/2014.


The district will determine the process for reimbursements.


Healthcare Contribution

Effective January 1, 2014:  The district contribution shall be 68% ($12,068) of the cost of Kaiser Family 10/10, Safeguard, Vision and Life.


Beginning January 2015: The district contribution to health benefits shall be capped at $13,130.


For 2016: Reopen for negotiation.



2013-2014: 2% retroactive to January 1, 2014

2014-2015: 3% starting July 1, 2014

We have contingency language that states SEA will capture up to 45% of any money above the district's projected annual increase of 28.05%, for 2014-2015, to be used for salary.

2015-2016: Reopen for negotiation.


Adult schools will obtain an additional column in their salary schedule beginning July 2014.


What happens next?

Per SEA Bylaws, the next step is to take the TA to the Board of Directors for a recommendation to Rep Council. Rep Council will then make a recommendation to the membership. We will have two general membership meetings to discuss the TA and we will schedule a ratification vote.


  • The SEA Board of Directors will meet on Tuesday, April 15th.
  • SEA Rep Council will meet on Tuesday, April 21st.
  • The dates for the general membership meetings and ratification have yet to be determined.
The SEA Bargaining Team would like to express our gratitude to members for their unwavering support during this process. Because of your dedication and perseverance, we were able to secure this TA.

Sandra Finkelberg, Chair
SEA Bargaining Team