BETA TESTERS NEEDED! (Only 8 positions) 

  • Physical + Mental Toughness
  • Camaraderie
  • Adaptability
  • Leadership
  • Courage
  • Dependability
  • Integrity
  • Decision Making
  • Initiative
What is the Battle PT Basic Course?
The Battle PT Basic course is designed to be more than just your average fitness program. You will be trained and exposed to unconventional training methods that you wont see in any conventional gym. You will be instructed by current or ex military instructors. This is a true Boot Camp in every sense of the word. But don’t worry the basic course is designed for everyone to attend and benefit from. It will also be the base for further training if you choose to proceed through the program (Advanced + Elite courses).

How does the Course work?
The program is a combination of fitness training sessions (3/week) and 6 x online learning modules. Each week you will learn new fundamental skills via the online learning modules that will then be tested and utilized during your fitness classes. You will be assigned to a team and work together and individually to achieve all tasks given to you. At the end of the 6 weeks of training you will qualify for the 6+hr testing phase to achieve your Basic Patch!

What am I going to learn?
The basic course is made up of 4 learning categories’, which are Situational Awareness, Communication, Medical and Navigation. You will also develop skills in teamwork, leadership and decision-making and forge lifelong friendships with your course mates. As apart of the Basic course you will also qualify in a nationally accredited CPR + AED certification which will be valid for 2 years.

Our beta course will be conducted in San Francisco you will be required to attend 85% of the fitness classes and 100% of the online training modules before you're able to attempt the testing phase.

0600hrs Mon,Wed + Friday mornings. Online modules release each Saturday of the course.
Launch date TBC - Were gearing up to kick off the Beta Testing course in July 2017
Meet your Observer Trainer
OT-1 Nate 
The Basic Course will be overseen by Observer Trainer One (OT-1) 

Nate (OT-1) joined the Australian military aged 17 in 1995 and spend the next 11 years working in various Infantry based roles with the 1st Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment. Nate worked in Australia and South East Asia before discharging from the military and moving to the private security sector.  
   Nate spent the following
8 years working throughout Afghanistan conducting high risk security operations with organizations like the US and Australian Embassies and the US agency for international development. Nate is the founder of Kokoda Fitness and has developed the Battle PT program to be like no other. Nate  is ready to teach you unconventional fitness methods and military based skills that have real world applications.

Are you ready to commit to yourself and your team?