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Oysters Ahoy
Shucked and ready to go, it's shucked Oyster season!  There's so much to love about juicy, quality Virginia Oysters of all sizes ready for Oyster stuffing, Oyster stews, Oyster po boy's and fried Oysters as we approach Thanksgiving and all the holidays December provides us.  This year, make sure to order our shucked Virginia Oysters from surrounding waters of the Chesapeake Bay such as the Yeocomico River where each Oyster is hand selected on board the boat.  We have all sizes coming in throughout the week ranging from Standards, Selects, Extra Selects and the largest, Counts.  Be sure to speak with your sales agent in plenty of time of the holidays as the Oyster market was shaken up a bit this year due to hurricanes in the south damaging Oyster beds.  This effect on southern Oysters put high demand on Virginia Oysters.  However, Samuels will keep you covered when it comes time to stuff your Turkey with the best Oysters!

Peconic Bay Scallop Season Is Upon Us
The Scallop gods blessed us with a great Peconic Bay Scallop season this year, which began on November 6 th. The season will last until March and there's plenty to be excited about! The catch last year off Long Island New York was pretty poor, but this year we're getting reports of an exceptionally strong season. Bay Scallops, harvested in shallower waters than Sea Scallops, are smaller than their counterparts but they offer a very sweet flavor. It's been said that these are perhaps the sweetest of all the Bay Scallops. They're also extremely fresh because we provide them still in the shell. The presentation for these Scallops is so beautiful, and they're great for ceviche but chefs can feel free to get creative with them. Reach out to your Samuels agent for more information about our delicious Peconic Bay Scallops and set up your pre-order today.

Good Time For Nantucket Bay Scallops
The season for Nantucket Bay Scallops opened on November 1st, so it's a great time to get them now! Shucked just for you, Nantucket Bay Scallops are super sweet and tasty and they have a nice velvety texture. The flavor is very rich and you don't need a huge portion of them to have a satisfying meal. There are so many creative ways to prepare them, and they can be enjoyed crudo-style, grilled, or sautéed. Nantucket Bay Scallops live within the eelgrass beds, where the beds attract plankton and algae. Scallops eat by filtering the salt water through their gills, giving them delicious flavor! The season for Nantucket Bay Scallops is very short - sometimes it ends in December and other times it could stretch through the winter, so grab them while available and enjoy them while you can - they go fast!

Fish Update This Week
Look forward to beautiful Black Sea Bass from Rhode Island and Wild Striped Bass caught off the coast of Montauk, NY.  North Carolina Fluke catch was limited this past week due to weather, which put a tightness on the market.  It was also just announced the Rhode Island Fluke season will close on Tuesday, November 14th until it reopens on January 1st. Stay in touch with your sales agent regarding Fluke availability.  Fishermen off Rhode Island are enjoying good catch of Bluefish and Porgies.  While Squid has been somewhat limited lately, fishermen were having luck off Watch Hill, RI catching dayboat quality Squid including large sizes this past week.  Hopefully, Squid availability will improve from this point, however, as the cold weather has made its way here, local wild fish availability will be more so day to day.  Not to fret, we will keep you supplied better than anyone! The cool weather did us a favor in the way of Spanish Mackerel.  The cooler water temperatures are providing higher quality hook and line caught Spanish Mackerel that are stiff, have red gills and ready for sashimi.  You can also look out for the freshest and brightest local Bigeye Tuna, Florida Swordfish & Red Snapper in addition to and New Jersey Albacore. 

Peconic Bay Scallops, Baby!
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