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Formed in 2012 as a collaboration between ABAG and Bay Area cities and counties, the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) helps Bay Area residents become more energy efficient. BayREN draws on the expertise, experience, and proven track record of local Bay Area governments to build the internal capacity of local cities and counties to administer successful climate, resource, and sustainability programs.

BayREN helps Bay Area cities and residents access reliable and sustainable energy efficiency resources by tapping a wide range of targeted, integrated, and regionally-scaled climate solutions. BayREN also helps Bay Area cities and counties comply with state energy efficiency regulations.

BayREN's program uptake continues to be on a sharp upward trajectory and our efforts have been recognized by agencies on the local, regional, and state levels.  Through the CPUC Energy Efficiency - Rolling Portfolio proceeding, BayREN seeks to expand our portfolio into the public and commercial sectors.  Stay tuned for updates in upcoming newsletters!
Home Energy Score
Home Energy Score is a simple, low-cost, and credible way to increase awareness and spur investment in home energy efficiency. The U.S. Department of Energy created the Score as a label for single-family homes similar to a vehicle's mile-per-gallon rating. Homes are scored on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 representing a highly efficient home, and 1 representing a low efficiency home, relative to homes of similar size within the same climate zone. The Score helps homeowners identify opportunities to boost efficiency, make improvements, and leverage home upgrade investments in the marketplace. BayREN member agency StopWaste is a DOE Home Energy Score regional partner.
BayREN promotes Home Energy Score as an on-ramp to the Home Upgrade program by providing homeowners with a Custom Recommendations report. Home Upgrade Advisors follow up with homeowners of low scoring homes with free independent guidance on prioritizing recommendations for energy improvements and accessing rebates and financing opportunities. BayREN offers a regional Home Energy Score incentive to encourage voluntary participation and to help Assessors gain experience in the field. Assessors are eligible for rebates of $300 for completing their first assessment and $150 for each subsequent one. As of early July, BayREN has paid out 133 rebates.
There are now 34 Home Energy Score Assessors working within the StopWaste partnership. To grow the workforce and support interested contractors, home inspectors, and raters in becoming qualified Assessors, StopWaste is offering its third intensive 2-day "boot-camp" on July 20-21 in San Rafael.  In the training, participants will complete the DOE's online Simulation Testing and score their first home with a mentor. Assessors have been enthusiastic about enhancing their business by delivering Home Energy Score to their customers.  As Assessor Christian Shackelford of All Things Good notes: "The Home Energy Score Program looks at the most important areas of the home, and delivers the information in an easily understandable format that the average homeowner can relate to. Bridging the gap between industry jargon and homeowners understanding is essential."
There is growing uptake of Home Energy Score throughout the region.  Scores have been issued in all nine Bay Area Counties, totaling 759 Scores in 47 cities! For more information about Home Energy Score in the Bay Area, please visit our website at  
Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancement Program
The multifamily program is on track to upgrade the annual goal of 5,000 units in 2017 with nearly 70 projects planned to complete this year. This June marked four years of implementing the program. During that time, the program has evolved and matured as insights were gained into the sector's unique needs and practices. Outreach has been conducted to past participants in an effort to have them reengage with the program. These efforts have been successful and satisfied past participants are seeking advice on additional energy efficiency opportunities to deepen their savings. The installation of upgrades over time aligns with the multifamily sector's business practices. By facilitating multiple scopes at different intervals, BayREN seeks to integrate energy efficiency into business-as-usual investment considerations. Multifamily financing has also seen an uptick this quarter with the Bay Area Multifamily Capital Advance program approving two loans and facilitating transactions for five additional projects.
Supporting Local Adoption of Energy Ordinances reaching beyond T24 requirements 
Jessie Denver, San Francisco Department of  Environment, moderated the panel discussion on expediting ZNE buildings through solar ordinances and incentives. 
The second BayREN Codes & Standards Regional Forum for 2017 " Local Mandatory Solar Ordinance as a Pathway for New Residential Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Construction" included presentations focused on informing local governments about the California Energy Commission's (CEC) mandatory solar ordinance and approval process.
More than 70 attendees, representing the building, energy and local government sectors, attended the event either in person or online. The event featured panel discussions and presentations from city managers and climate and energy experts. Some of the topics covered included the CEC solar ordinance and cost effectiveness study, past experiences developing and implementing a mandatory solar installation ordinance, the decarbonization of domestic hot water systems, and the residential solar marketplace. The event closed with a panel moderated by San Francisco Department of Environment's Energy Program Manager, Jessie Denver, that explored the intricacies of implementing local ordinances to accelerate state climate and ZNE goals.  

All presentation slides and recordings from all previous BayREN C&S forums are available on the
BayREN C&S website .
BayREN will be hosting its third forum of the year in September in Contra Costa County. Details will be posted on the BayREN C&S website in the coming weeks.
Three ICC approved BayREN trainings are now available to take online. BayREN on-demand trainings  are designed to educate both local officials and the private sector building community in key aspects of code compliance and enforcement. Courses include "Residential Forms and Permit Submittals for Additions with HERS Registry", "Residential New Construction Compliance with HERS Registry" and "Residential Forms and Permit Submittals for Additions and New Construction Compliance". Each course is ICC CEU certified and each registrant will receive 0.1 CEUs upon completion.
For more information on BayREN C&S activities, to request an Energy Code training, take an on-demand training, or learn more about our future forums, please visit or email

Jennifer Berg
BayREN Program Manager | ABAG