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July 17, 2017
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Time Change!!!
Time schedule for Meet Me WednesdayS!

5:15......Check-in begins

Walk/Run on your own anytime.
5:00......Stretch and Strength inside Body Works Pilates
Check in when you finish Stretch and Strength
5:30...Stay at Body Works for a dance class with Yarrow (1st class free, then $10 per class)
5:30......Walk or Run with a leader
5:30.....DocWalk...summer exercise class in the shade!
6:30......Closing Ceremony...awards and raffle

  $1 soda/$2 beer/$5 wine available at bar in Reforma, with hand stamp.
                            Don't forget the tip!!

Reminder: Enjoy a Yummy Meal at Reforma After Your Walk/Run!
As you see these happy folks doing here, make sure to take the time and enjoy a meal with friends after your walk or run. If you order a drink, remember to ask for the special MMW-priced wine ($5) and beer ($2) since not all drinks are priced the same! 
And you will also have 15% off your food bill. 

First, from 5:00-5:30, take a 1/2 hour Pilates variety class  free of charge! Try the Magic Circle, Barre, Roller, Mat, and so much more, as they instructor introduces them. From 5:30-6:30, enjoy special happy hour pricing (just $10) for a fun dance class taught by Yarrow in the air-conditioned studio! Your first dance class is free. Space is limited to the first 18 people.
You must have a reservation!

Thanks to The Core for "Know Your Numbers!"
Thank you Molly and The Core for being part of MMW and helping us "know our numbers." If you've ever been curious about your BMI or other statistics about your health, join us next month! 

We love our doctors! Thank you for being such an important part of MMW, and for sharing your knowledge and your passion for fitness...
even when it's 100 degrees!!!
Drs. Jon, Rick, Jim and Bruce share their time with us each week to help keep MMWers fit as a fiddle. Join them for targeted exercises to tone, strengthen, and stretch along your route! Be sure to thank them for their generosity.  The summer DocWalk will walk to the parking lot of Cambric Center across Campbell. Just a short walk in the summer months to a nice patch of shade. It's a 30-minute class to 
keep us strong and fit, using body-weight exercises. Great for any age or ability.     
 Reforma         Union Public House
      Blanco Tacos and Tequila            Fini's Landing

El Cisne            Sazerac Tucson              Zinburger         

SEND US YOUR PHOTO in your shirt/cap when you travel!
Matching shirts for Lee and Barbara.
Don't the colors look nice with our pretty desert?
Now, those are some sweet shades!
Love to see plenty of water and sun protection on both speedy women!
Congrats to Mary, who has become a regular at MMW with 20 walks...Mary has 228 walks at Meet Me at Maynards!
Congrats Maureen. What's that ticket in her hand? 
Did Maurenn draw her own name??? Hmmmmmmm :-)


                     Health Tip

Meet Me WednesdayS   is brought to you by Meet Me Concepts, LLC and all of our sponsors and volunteers. We welcome inquiries and comments.
Hope you enjoy!

Jannie Cox and Dave Syverson
Randy Accetta
Meet Me Concepts, LLC