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For My Life Near You

We would like to inform you we are hosting a For My Life™ - Near You program in July of 2012.  For My Life™ - Near You provides an opportunity for those who can not attend For My Life™ in Thomaston, GA. This 32-hour class provides teaching and ministry around Be in Health™ principles in your area. 


The For My Life™ - Near You  program will consist of LIVE teaching and Minisitry along with VIDEO teachings from our Thomaston, Georgia program.  The class will run from the evening of Tuesday, July 10th until the early afternoon of Saturday, July 14th. 


This upcoming For My Life™ - Near You  is available for Resistraion by clicking here.


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Henry Wright will offer teaching to unravel the mysteries of disease as well as revealing pathways to health and wholeness.
You learn how to defeat and prevent disease using the discernment God has given mankind to produce wholeness of spirit, soul and body.
We are in the process of scheduling three conferences.  We do not have the locations and dates finalized yet but wanted to let you know where Henry will be.
The first will be in the Sunningdale, England area on July 15th.  
The second will be a General Be in Health Conference in the Sheffield area.  
The third conference will also be in the Sheffield area but will be for those in the Medical Communities.
Again, we will announce updates to these conferences as we can.  You can also check our website for updates to our conference schedules at .


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