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Here we GROW again!!
Dr. Mike Courtney, Executive Director
A little less than
two years ago....

We moved from the rented building on Battleground to our new home on Dow Street. 

For those of you who knew us then, you remember what a wonderful and significant improvement that move was!  We went from 7 offices to 12, from 11 parking places to 32, and from about 3200 square feet to 4500. It was and IS such a blessing to be where we are!

Except...can you believe it, we are out of space. That's a great problem to have!

Well, beginning this weekend we are starting a major remodeling program here at Branches in Murfreesboro.  We will not make any structural changes but we will completely alter the back half of the building. The end result will be 4 additional offices, a HUGE group/meeting room with lots of options for community use, and an expanded entrance in the back so the building can be used by others during non-counseling times. It will be so nice.

Please pray with us that God will keep us all safe and sane while the work is going on. Pray that we will not lose our ability to focus on the needs of others. And pray that God would provide the funding for this project, about $90,000. We know He will do all of those things.

Be prepared for a great, blow-out open house in September, and get here early, parking will be limited. 

Blessings to you all!
Mike Courtney

Branches is a faith based counseling center that offers healing and hope for those struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction and shame regardless of their ability to pay. Our dedicated and well-trained staff of both state licensed and pastoral counselors work with couples, individuals, children, and teens. We bring the very best of traditional counseling and Biblical principles to personal, family, and relational issues and seek to help bring meaning and wholeness to everyone we serve.
Our purpose is to be a Christ-led community of spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery and restoration for those broken by addiction, depression, and shame in Middle Tennessee and beyond.