Charlotte Wilson
Ms. Charlotte Wilson is the CEO and founder of Glow Skin Enhancement, LLC. Ms. Wilson has become a sought after specialist in anti-aging skin treatments. Her mission is to educate everyone so that they understand that damaged skin grows older as we grow older. That damaged skins stays attached to our bodies making us appear older. Her customized approach promotes skin turnover while enhancing the skin tone. The outcome is that your skin has a more youthful look with a flawless radiant glow. And that's the Game Changer known as Glow Skin Enhancement, LLC offering skin enhancing products for the face, hand, feet, knees, knuckles, elbows and lips for all skin types and all ethnicities. 

The GSE line for skin enhancement has specialized products for men, women, and teenagers who struggle with skin issues such as, acne, mild eczema, sun damaged, aged skin, sun damaged skin, hyperpigmentation or dull skin tone. If you want to look more youthful with skin that glows, listen Saturday to learn how it removes dark circles from around the eyes and why others are saying they finally have the skin they have always wanted!

Founder Charlotte Wilson has turned back the hands of time for herself. Hear on Game Changers Saturday about the celebrity packages and how to schedule a personal skin advisor consultation. Charlotte Wilson loves skin - she wants you to fall in love with yours.
Tiffany Kelly
Tiffany Kelly is a native New Yorker from Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn. Her mom calls her a born leader. Tiffany was destined to be an entrepreneur that would help people. At the tender age of eight she landed her first job working for her dad in his dry cleaners. She started out making pants hangers to running the entire establishment by the age of fifteen. 

Tiffany attended St. John's University where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Management.  Her first job out of college was as a case manager/advocate for people who lived with HIV/AIDS. She worked tirelessly to insure her clients received the best service possible. After this program closed Tiffany was asked to become a social worker for children in foster care. She spent time in every family court in the five boroughs of New York working to assist families and insure children were being protected.  

In 2004, Tiffany earned her Master's degree in Math Education from Cambridge College. In the same year she was promoted to a Math Coach where she was charged with helping teachers teach math effectively. In June of 2005 Tiffany relocated to Atlanta, GA for a change. She continued to teach students and worked daily. Tiffany is in her fourteenth year as an educator and continues to train and provide curriculum support to teachers. 
After shortly locating to Georgia Tiffany learned her health was in jeopardy. Tiffany was already taking one medicine for high blood pressure but because of being overweight and not living a healthy lifestyle she was faced with taking two medications. Her pressure was out of control and her life was in danger. At her highest weight of 262 pounds, she had to begin to change her lifestyle or lose her life. In 2007 Tiffany made a commitment to herself to get her weight down. She knew her weight was the key to her living a healthier life. 

In March of 2007, her journey began. Tiffany had a long road ahead. She had to overcome challenges, such as high-blood pressure, the vicious dieting cycle, low self-esteem, failed relationships, emotional eating, and depression. In 2009, Tiffany signed up with a personal trainer. This is when her true change began to develop. It was in her sessions with her trainer that she confronted her issues with emotional eating, depression, self-esteem, changing the conversation in her head, and a host of other issues that were unlocked! In 2012 after reaching her weight-loss goals and losing over ninety pounds, Tiffany was taken off all of her last high blood pressure medications. Besides the weight-loss, she had finally reached her ultimate goal - no more medication. In addition, she has overcome low self-esteem, divorce, depression, and emotional eating. She has faith in God and herself that she can overcome any challenge presented. 

Tiffany loves her career as an educator, but she had no idea that God would use her experiences to give her a new assignment which is helping women achieve weight-loss success. After losing over ninety pounds and realizing the power she had within, Tiffany decided to create a company that would help women loose the power that God has given each woman to live the healthy life they have always wanted (2 Timothy 1:7, For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.) without limits! 

Tiffany helps women end the dieting cycle by creating real goals that help them to begin the journey, maintain, and WIN! Her sessions include spiritual empowerment, goals setting, getting rid of limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive self- talk. Tiffany named herself the Mind, Body and Power Coach because she believes she is more than just a weight-loss coach. She stands on the belief that no matter how many diets you try, gym membership, trainers, etc. the results will be temporary if you do not loose the power within that God has given you to change your mindset and transform your body!



Tiffany C. Wright
She's helped numerous small and medium businesses find funding for a variety of purposes from many sources, but Saturday on Game Changers Tiffany C. Wright will talk to us about how you, too, can generate the business financing you need to grow and achieve your business goals. She's the author of a new book called The Funding Is Out There! Access the Cash You Need to Impact Your Business. Whether you've got a $300,000 transportation business, a $20 million business services company, or are an aspiring entrepreneur considering your options - Tiffany C. Wright has the information and strategies for getting your business needs financed.

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