Maria Shaw Lawson's Annual Halloween
Cosmic Connections Convention
Upcoming Schedule of Events
October 25, 26, 27, 2013

Don't Miss Our Annual Halloween Psychic Fun Fair and Convention! Your chance to mix with mentors and metaphsyicians from all over the country, attend informative classes, get a reading and do some fasntstic shopping!
Sheraton Four Points, Saginaw
 I-675/Tittabawasee Road 
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Re-Connect with Your Angels, Spirit Guides, Friends and Mentors of Like Mind
Classes, lectures, special events, readings, gemstones, jewelry, holistic health and more!

$5 admission - No appointments needed. Just walk in!

  • $10 readings  
  • Astrology  
  • numerology
  • tarot  
  • palmistry  
  • cards  
  • channeling  
  • pet psychics  
  • Love advisors  
  • I Ching 
  • Angel Readings
  • Reiki Healing
  • Aura Balancing
  • Psychomentry
  • Spirit writing
  • Paranormal experts
  • Mediumship
  • Messages from the Other Side
  • Past lives
  • and much more!

Fair Hours

    10a.m. to 9p.m. Friday
    10a.m. to 9p.m. Saturday
    10a.m. to 5p.m. Sunday

20 tables of new gemstones, jewelry and new age items. 


Credit cards accepted for items. 


Jewelry Wire Wrapping with Scott. Affordable and professional 


Featured Psychics

Catherine Levar from Minneapolis

Joe Lawson

Greg Krepps- Saturday Only

Dr Midge

Miss Charee

Miss Betty








Rev. Cindy Buning





Cosmic Connections Convention Classes
Schedule of Classes and Events
Friday October 25
"Maria's Got Your Number"

Learn Numerology and find your Destiny! - Numbers have power and information to access. Using your birthday and your given name, you will learn to easily calculate your Life Path, Soul, Personality and Destiny Numbers. This information can help you discover the gifts you have and the purpose in your life. When you complete this class, you will be able to do mini numerology readings for yourself and your friends. The old pick up line, "What's Your Sign" is outdated! Today, we ask, "What's Your Number?"

  • You may consistently see the same numbers over and over. What do they mean?  
  • You have a Birth Number that colors your entire life. What does it tell you about your personality and destiny?  

This all day seminar hosted by Maria, reveals the magic of the number in your name, phone number, address and how they affect your life and future.

If opening a business, you will learn how to pick a prosperous phone number.

Maria will teach you how to discover Compatibility between lovers, business partners, friends and family based on numerology. Find out if your number match or clash?

  • Predict major events in your life with Maria's predictive number systems!  
  • Discover your personal lucky numbers!  

This class is included in your weekend premium pass or alone is $85 per person


Friday Evening

7p.m Our Most Popular Event - Maria's crossing Over Gallery

Maria and her amazing panel of psychics offer messages from lost loved ones on the other side. Come with an open heart and mind as channeled communication is shared with the gallery style audience. This class is included in your weekend pass or alone $35 per person


Saturday October 26 
Track 1

11a.m. Animal Omens and Totems bring signs from God

How to communicate with your animal totems - Dr. Midge Miller helps you find the "trickster" omens. She'll explore the spiritual connection with eagles, deer, birds, four legged creatures and butterflies. Dr. Midge is a recognized Native American medicine woman who regularly uses animal totems in her work as signs from the Creator.


2p.m Reincarnation with Rev. Cindy Buning

What is the purpose of reincarnation? How does it work? What are free will, karma, and soul mates? We will examine how your next life is chosen, the influence of past lives and what happens between lives. There will also be information on the eternal soul and spiritual lessons, linear time, past-life memories and more. You will receive answers to questions regarding this mysterious process of the soul.


4p.m Working with the Fairy Realm with Lisa Madden - An enchanting class introduces you to the fairy realm. Learn how to connect with the fairie folk, how they can help you discover your joy!


Track 2 

11a.m Your Spirit Guide and Angels Revealed through Automatic Writing!

Receive your Guides or Angel's names during this process. Catherine Levar, our Special Guest from Minneapolis MN, will share the tools to gain spiritual information and more. Catherine, an expert in ancient mystical arts will guide you through an automatic writing session. You will learn how to prepare for it, how to do it and how to interpret it. Through automatic writing, you will receive messages from your Guides and Angels. These messages will be your own personal reading from them. You never know what will be revealed! Once you learn the techniques and the proper way to do it, automatic writing will become the easiest way to connect with your guides and receive messages.


2p.m Flower Magic

Explore the subtle and whimsical realm of flower magic and essences with Pam Mann. As manifestations of divine beauty and wisdom, flowers offer you countless magical and spiritual ways to connect with them. Tune in to their unique vibrations and by using flower essences you can improve your health, vitality, beauty, success, personal power, and more.


4p.m Face Reading with Miss Betty

Bring photos to class of your friends, family, boss, lover, exes, kids, enemies and guys you've found on but haven't met yet! LOL (The last one is optional). But seriously here's your chance to learn the art of face reading and size someone up at first glance


Saturday Evening

7p.m Lawson Paranormal Event

Ghost hunting 101 and the Spirit Box. Join Joe Lawson as he talks about his latest investigations, tools of the trade and gives the audience a chance to interact with the Spirit World using ancient and current paranormal investigation tools. This event is included in your weekend pass or alone is $25 per person


Sunday October 27
Track 1

11 a.m For Women Only!

How to Get a Man to do Anything You Desire with Maria Shaw Lawson. There is a specific language and very precise words only men relate and will react positively to. Learn the phrases, the pitfalls and the language to get the man in your life or a future mate to do your bidding. This will be an entertaining class but also a very informative one. You will walk away with some immediate tools you can use that will make a difference in your relationships with the opposite sex.


2p.m Death and The  Supernatural with Marybeth Romach

Marybeth teaches about near death experiences and supernatural events that occur at the time the soul leaves the body. Marybeth have interviewed people on their experiences and has some of her own that are highlighted in her latest book "Opening Heaven's Door"


4p.m Maria's 2014 Astrological Predictions. Be the first to know what lies ahead in 2014


Track 2 
 11a.m. - Stinkin' Thinkin' with Dr. Midge - It's time to be thankful rather than thinkful says The Divine Blessed Mother Midge. Living through your heart rather than your head helps the psychic senses increase. Midge will share personal stories as well as answer questions about your true life calling and why we should have no worry in so called world tragic events as we have more control over these things and our destiny than ever imagined.

2pm The Biggest Mistake People Make in Relationships and How to Fix them with Tom Pierce

Join Tom as he navigates the stickiest and repetitive patterns most of us make in relationships. He explains why we make them consciously or unconsciously and then the steps we can take to correct them. Tom shares his humor, wit, wisdom and years of experience in this informative lecture.


You must call 810-631-6887 to book as we have limited seats available. Right now there are about 15 seats left for the Convention classes.

There are more available for the Crossing Over and Ghost Gallery. You can purchase tickets at the door for the Ghost Gallery and individual classes if we have any left.

If you would like to rent vendor space for holistic health or healing please call Maria at 810-631-6887

If flying in it is suggested you fly into MBS airport in Freeland. Hotel rooms available at the Sheraton Four Points. Ask for the Maria Shaw Lawson conference rate.

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By Joseph Lawson
Crossing Over Gallery Friday Night!
7p.m. Tickets Still Available
Come with an open heart and an open mind as your receive messages from loved ones on the other side. A psychic panel led by Maria delivers messages from loved ones. Smaller group with limited seating at this venue so there are more messages! Tickets are $35 each or included FREE with your weekend convention pass. Call 810-631-6887 to register get a seat! Groups of families and friends welcome.

Bring Photos to our Face Reading Class!

Bring photos to class of your friends, family, boss, lover, exes, kids, enemies and guys you've found on but haven't met yet! LOL (The last one is optional). But seriously here's your chance to learn the art of face reading and size someone up at first glance.

Saturday 4p.m. with Miss Betty


 Convention fees
  • Premium Weekend Pass -Includes Maria's Numerology Class, admission to psychic fair all three days, all classes, lectures, special Crossing Over and Paranormal evening events.  $150  
  • Regular Weekend Pass - Includes everything above except Maria's Numerology Class $99  
  • Individual Classes - $20 each  
  • Crossing Over Gallery - $35 each  
  • Paranormal Event - $25 each  
  • Saturday and Sunday Pass - $80 (includes evening event  Saturday night and classes)  
  • Day Pass - $50 Includes classes and evening event for that day. 810-631-6887 to register
Ghost Gallery
Saturday Night with Lawson Paranormal 7p.m.
lawson paranormal
Ticket available at door or included with day or weekend pass.


Dr. Midge is in the House!
Be sure to attend Dr. Midge's lectures on Animal Totems and Stinkin' Thinkin'
Win Prizes ranging from $3 to $150 on the latest Fun Feature at the Convention!
Gem and Jewelry Sale
We have over 20 tables of sparkling gems and jewelry for sale! Get your Holiday Shopping done here! Great prices!

-Maria's 2014 Moon Calendars
-Tumbled Stones
-Chakra Sets
-Tarot Kits
-New Age Book Sale
-Astrology Cards
-Lava rock
-Rose Quartz
-Palo Santo Wood
-Mystic Moon Pendants
-Halloween Jewelry from Salem
-Gorgeous Rings
-Rainbow Hematite
-Black Onyx
-Black Obsidian
-Mahogany Obsidian
-Aqua Obsidian
-Healing Wands
and much much more!
Healing Corner

Bernadette Collie - Healthy Living Supplies

Marci Mayhew - Reiki

Connie - Reiki and Healing with a Heart

Pam Mann - Essential Oils
Join our gifted healers and experts in making your experience extra special!
Our Special Guest Reader from Minneapolis Minnesota
Catherine "Birdie" Levar
You've asked for her and she's back! Join Catherine for a reading over the weekend and make sure to attend her class on Connecting with Your Angels and Spirit Guides through Automatic Writing!
Free Admission to the Psychic Fair Portion 9a.m. to 12p.m. on Friday October 25 only
Two for One admission to the Psychic Fair Portion Friday October 25th only from 12noon to 3p.m. Mention this ad to get your discount!