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Assemblyman Lackey, AB1356 Author

DUID is a serious public health and safety problem that is under-reported, under-enforced, and under-recognized.

In California alone:

  • Drivers Killed in crashes who tested positive for drugs increased from 27.8% in 2009 to 39.6% in 2013.

  •  In 2013, 34.3% of drugs found among drivers killed in crashes who were tested for drugs tested positive for Cannabinoids - the highest percentage of any category - and well above the national average of 26.6%.



We Need to Act Now to Stop Drugged Driving!

We can start by supporting Assembly Bill 1356 that will allow law enforcement to utilize oral fluid roadside drug tests if a driver has provided law enforcement probable cause of driving under the influence such as driving recklessly, speeding, weaving, etc. For more information, 
 please visit We Save Lives.

Sample letter to send to your representative:

Dear Representative XXX,

 Recent surveys show more people are taking drugs and driving and they think it is perfectly acceptable.  It is not!  There are methods of combatting this crime and one major way is through roadside oral fluid drug testing, AB1356. These devices halt drugged drivers in their tracks and provide law enforcement the tools they need to test a suspicious driver quickly, easily and effectively. As a registered voter, I am asking you to please help stop drugged driving and get these drivers off our roads. Support AB 1356 and help protect our loved ones on the roadways.


Thank you,

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