What more you could want?
fruits and veggies

Pinecrest Farmers Market
in the Pinecrest Gardens parking lot under the banyan trees
on Killian Dr (SW 112th St) and Red Road (57th Ave)
Village of Pinecrest, FL
Sundays from 9am-2pm
Rain and shine - it's summertime!

Always remember BYOB: 
We've been bag-free since 2012.
Conventional plastic grocery bags are no longer permitted to be used by market vendors. We prefer not to introduce more new materials into the waste stream, no matter how eco-friendly they are, so
Please Bring Your Own Bags
Mother Earth will thank you, and so will we.

This week at our booth

Avocado madness continues!! We have FIVE kinds...
Our creamy Donnie avocados are beautiful and delicious. 
You'll love the nutty clean flavor of our red-skinned Hardee avocadoes, and you'll appreciate the neck of solid flesh in our delicious looong-necked Russell avos.
We also have a few heirloom Fuchs, and Pollock

Living in an avocado grove, albeit a small one, we have avocados coming out of our ears for a few months every summer. I can make just so much of my chunky guac, avocado toast, creamy avocado dressing, etc etc, until I get bored and challenge myself to create something new. 
So, here's a twist on guac I developed. I've made it a few times, brought it to some get-togethers, and it's a keeper. Try it - I think you'll like it!!

Margie's Curried Avocado Salad
- a Bee Heaven Farm specialty recipe
  • Peel and cut a ripe avocado into big (1"-2") chunks 
  • Add a generous helping of your favorite curry powder
  • Add the juice of 1-2 key limes or 1 Persian lime.  
  • Add salt to taste
  • If using a mild curry, add cayenne to taste to up the heat
  • (Optional, but highly recommended!) Throw in a fistful of dried Zante currants, raisins, dried cranberries, or dried tart cherries.
  • Mix gently with a fork until the curry powder coats everything.
  •  Let sit for 30 minutes for the flavors to blend, mix gently again and enjoy as a salad, side dish, or scoop like guac with tortilla chips.

       Mangoes continue producing wonderful fruit this season... 
continuing with mid/late season 
Kent, Palmer
and Huuuuge Keitt mangos
Each one is delicious and different, 
and you won't find most of these at your grocery store...

Pa ssion(ate)fruit,  ready to flavor your salad dressing, yogurt, drinks of all kinds (hot, iced, or alcoholic), baked goods from cakes to fish and chicken...makes life taste better all around!
Mamey Sapote

Key Limes , a few Persian  Limes,
Sweet Fwang Tung, and assorted other Sweet  Carambolas delicious for making refreshing drinks (alcohol optional)
Longans,  Genip/mamoncillo , the very last Ambarella fruit,
delicious fingerling Not your Nana's Bananas
and Anona montana (aka graveola)

Jakfruit is da bomb!

Did you know? Jakfruit pulp is one of very few things that you can freeze, and when you take it out to use it, it's exactly the same! Try THAT with another fruit...
...wanna try that faux pulled pork recipe you've been looking? Come on, it's time. Use ripe jakfruit - with BBQ sauce you'll have this delicious sweet and sour thing going on - UMAME! Buy one or several pieces - only what you need, or extra to freeze - we've already cut it open and removed the core for you. You get the pulp and the seeds, which taste like chestnuts when boiled and roasted (or skip the roasting and prepare them like boiled peanuts in a brine).

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!
lots of our own Rachel's Eggs
Our eggs have twice been awarded their highest 5-egg rating by the Cornucopia Institute's Egg Scorecard. Come see what the 
fuss is all about.  WARNING: after eating these, you will NOT want to buy store eggs ever again...
Eggs are versatile, nutritious, and a great source of inexpensive quality protein - where else can you get a serving of quality protein (2 eggs) for less than $1.50?

Bake a simple quiche/pie with a 1/2 bunch of kale, a pack of eggs, yogurt, and your favorite cheese, in a whole wheat crust. Season with fresh herbs, and optionally add chopped ham, bacon, or sausage for a great main dish, or cut into cubes for delicious party snacks.
  We also have raw goat milk and yoghurt  from goats raised on organic feed  [per Florida law: raw milk products are labeled for pet use only - not for human consumption]

Oyster mushrooms!
delicious "meaty" wonders, they cook quickly in butter or wine, and make a great omelet ingredient, pasta topping, or steak accompaniment 

Veggies & greens       
baby sunflower greens and peashoots,
fresh moringa greens with a peppery kick and nutty flowers

Savory herbs & spices
"Sweet Baby" basil, garlic chives, curryleaf,  Cuban oregano, 
and lemongrass (aka fever grass)  -delicious for adding a lemony flavor in teas, soups/broths, fish, chicken, and more

heck out our great selection of our dried Fruits of Summer mix, or 
"Better Than Candy!" individual single-fruit packs - try one or all. They make great party snacks.
Pure fruit - nothing added but love. 
WARNING: they are deliciously addictive!

 our homegrown herbal Teas: moringa, lime basil

Salty seasonings:  Florida Keys Sea Salt, flavored salts, Gomasio,
amazing Moroccan-style preserved citrus

Other Assorted Goodies
 Local raw farm honeys: our ever-popular Wildflower, seasonal rich AvocadoTropical Fruit, and Carambola (Starfuit) honey, 
and fresh harvest pollen (never dehydrated),
plus Palmetto, Orange Blossom, and Gallberry honeys from beekeeper friends in central and north Florida,  and  royal jelly
Local food cookbooks: Local Flavor - recipes raised in the Florida Redland;   Feeding the Hungry Ghost, written by Ellen Kanner; Field to Feast, featuring farmers, artisans, and chefs from all over Florida;
and, if you're overwhelmed by the variety of seasonal veggie & fruit choices we offer you -  Bounty From the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook (signed by the author) is the book for you, chock full of information, recipes, farmer stories, and fun facts.

Come early for best selection!

We accept cash, local checks, credit/debit (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx), 
and SNAP/EBT  

Fresh Access Bucks doubles the value of your SNAP (food stamp) dollars for purchasing fresh Florida-grown fruits and vegetables (up to $20/day).  Shop with your tokens for SNAP-eligible food items, vegetable seeds and food plants from participating merchants throughout the market.
Support your local farmers by coming out to buy our fruits & veggies!  
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