The Conservatory Chronicles 

Issue 116
July 2017

A monthly newsletter for our growing Conservatory Community
Photo Credit: Lovebird Photography

We hope you've had an amazing start of summer this 2017! 

The Conservatory of Flowers is alight with the glow of nighttime delights.  From Botanicals and Brews, Murder Mysteries to our vibrant, psychedelic illumination in Golden Gate Park, mark your calendar and register for "front-row" seats! 

Illumination Continues
Photo Credit: Saxon Holt

In case you missed it, the Summer Solstice launched the Conservatory as the epicenter of all things Summer of Love, with more than 20,000 groovy people enjoying a fantastic free concert in front of our iconic and now psychedelic Conservatory.  

Great news!  This illumination, 
Photosynthesis , will continue displaying nightly until October 21.  This stunning, six-image art installation will commence just after dark each night!
Botanicals and Brews Beer Garden
The Conservatory of Flowers is pleased to welcome
Fort Point  Beer Co.  as co-host of our first-ever Botanicals and Brews Beer Garden on Friday, July 21 at 6:30 pm.

Guests will receive a free Fort Point brew with admission, meet the artisan brewing team, stroll the Conservatory and then settle in for the light show with music, food and more hops-based elixirs from Barbary Coast!   Tickets are on sale now on our 
Murder at the Conservatory
In August, the Conservatory of Flowers becomes the site of a Victorian Murder Mystery, marking the launch of a unique series of hand-crafted murders the last Friday of each month.  Intrigue, jealousy and nefarious intent course through each Conservatory Gallery and guests are challenged to solve the murder (as they eat and drink, of course). Tickets are on sale now!  Click here for dates and to register.
It's a Flower Frenzy this summer, as two of our friends continue celebrating the bloom, as well! 

Don't miss  San Francisco Botanical Garden 's third annual  Flower Piano , taking place July 13-24. 

It's Twelve Days, Twelve Pianos, One Garden & You, as the Garden, once again, becomes the city's own outdoor concert hall, where everyone is invited to play or listen, enjoying the powerful relationship of music, community, and nature. And on view in the Library through August is  Exquisite Blooms: Chinese Brush Paintings by "Janny" Xiaoqin Huang, depicting flowers from the Garden, including poppies, magnolias, peonies, and more. 
Be part of history and join the Asian Art Museum's effort to earn the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the Largest human flower. LOTUS LIVE will gather 3,000 community members to form a beautiful lotus that can be seen from the sky.  RSVP to Make History.

Don't forget, Conservatory members receive a 20% discount on memberships at both organizations through July! 
For Garden  membership, visit the SFBG wesbite and for Asian Art Museum membership, visit the AAM website, using membership promo code CONSERVATORY20.
Smile with the Conservatory of Flowers
Everyday is a great reason to smile! 
On Tuesday July 11th, smile   with us!
Amazon's third-annual Prime Day is on Tuesday, July 11 and will feature more than 100,000 deals exclusively for Prime members, making it one of the biggest shopping days of the year.  Click here  to make your purchase and smiles count towards the Conservatory!
Snapshots of Last Year's Members-Only Party

The Conservatory's annual Members-Only Party is one of the most talked about
free Member event for Conservatory of Flowers members! 

Last year we celebrated a Summer Succulent Shindig with live entertainment by the Mitch Polzak and the Royal Deuces as members shimmy through the night with botanical-inspired drinks in hand.
Become a supporting member today and get your friends and family on the list this year!

Support your local living museum and open up to experience an extensive Conservatory Community that celebrates natural beauty.  All membership level fees are 100% tax-deductible.

Current Conservatory Members: Stay tuned for details and your invitation in the mail box! 

Save the Date: Dracula Ball

To Sponsor the Dracula Orchid Ball, contact Samantha Smart Merritt, Chief Development Officer at or (415) 595-6950.
Conservatory Trivia
Photo Credit: Cathrine Lyon-Labate
With summer off to a great start here at the Conservatory of Flowers we look back in history when the national historic landmark received a restorative makeover after experiencing a brutal 1995 storm.   The Conservatory was placed on the 100 most Endangered World Monuments list by the World Monuments Fund in 1998 that led to a national fundraising campaign. " The restoration of the Conservatory of Flowers highlights the importance of partnerships between public and private entities."

Brian Curran Jr. writes, "It is hoped that when they depart, they take away with them not only the lesson that well-tended gardens can be awe-inspiring, but that monuments themselves are able to bloom just as brilliantly."

Click here to gaze at amazing color photos of the process and read about the Conservatory's restoration history in depth.
What's in Bloom?

Common Name: Water Lily
Family Name: Nymphaeaceae
Native to: Cosmopolitan Distribution
Location in Conservatory: North of the Aquatics Gallery bridge

Water "lilies" are not related to true lilies nor are they related to the lotus.  The plant's name Nymphaea comes from the Greek word for "nymph", which are supernatural feminine beings associated with springs.   The blue water lilies found in the Conservatory are striking because of the contrast of the blue sepals and petals and the yellow stamen which contain the pollen.   Some Nymphaea need tropical climates and others can be grown in a Bay Area backyard. The leaves of hardy water lilies, which can be grown in non-tropical areas, have smooth edges. The leaves of water lilies found in tropical regions, like the Amazon, have scalloped edges.

Explore tropical beauties in the Aquatics Gallery on our website today to see What's in Bloom today!