I was having a chat with an old friend of mine who received an incredible job opportunity, something he loved doing in the past, and he would love to do again. He was having a struggle, though, because it would mean a tremendous change for his family. I could feel his soul longing to take this leap and fulfill something inside of himself that he thought was long gone. What a tough choice! Continue to sacrifice for his family, or step into his passion and feel energized and in purpose.

To talk to him, he would say his purpose was to be with his family, and you can understand that since, for seventeen years, that is what he has done. Looking at the energy of it, his purpose is to feel complete, which means taking the job. In the end, it is his decision, of course, and if he chooses to stay where he is, that's not a mistake, but maybe something he will feel resentful about down the line.

We all have these moments in our lives where the Universe presents us with a choice. Do we continue the direction we are going, or do we take a detour and begin an adventure? Continuing on our current path isn't a bad thing, but it might be the safe choice. Our soul might be calling us to take the detour, but justifying it to our logical self is like telling Eeyore to just forget his tail and move along with his life!

I couldn't tell my friend, "You must take this job or you will resent it later," because he might feel the choice of staying put is what is best for him. Just like when you get these nudges to make changes in your life, you must decide for yourself what is best for you. But remember, if it's not best for you, it's not best for anyone else.

So, how do we do this? How do we decide what is best for us? What I told him to do is this:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself making this change, doing it. How does it feel? What feels good about it? What doesn't feel good about it? Where in your body are you feeling it?

Now, close your eyes again, and imagine your family. What are they doing? How does your family feel with you in this job? Where are you feeling this in your body?

Anyone can do this exercise. What it does is check in with the heart, the feeling of it. If you are feeling it in the upper part of your body, the heart area and up, and it feels light and positive, then that is high energy. If you are feeling it in the pit of your stomach, that is lower energy, and it might not be the right choice for you. Of course, sometimes we get in our own way with this exercise because we are afraid, so it will always feel like a pit in your stomach. If this happens, take a deep breath and ask your Divine helpers to assist with the exercise. Say to yourself, "I am releasing my fears around this and opening up to what is best for me." Then do the exercise again.

Huge change for us humans is never easy. We are creatures of habit, but we are not supposed to be stagnant energies! We are meant to experience life and all that entails, which means taking risks sometimes and moving into directions that might involve huge life changes.

If you feel stagnant, ask the Universe to help move you into higher energy spaces with ease and grace. If you are faced with a change or choice, tune into your soul by doing the exercise above. What does your heart want for you?

As always, J.T. and I are here to help! Please don't hesitate to ask!

Enjoy the new growth of spring, inside and out! What an incredible process to be able to rebirth ourselves at any moment!

Namaste, and Many Blessings!