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September 2014
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Inside A Session

My greatest joy with my work is seeing clients make breakthroughs and move forward in their life.    I love some of the stories that come out of my sessions and I thought I would share one with you.

 This is a story of  Bill, his name has been changed of course. Bill is a very successful business man.  He  created quite a legacy of success for himself.  Advanced degrees and leading officer in a major corporation, not to mention a great family. Bill was always striving for more, never having enough of anything. If you were looking from the outside in, you would say he was the luckiest man, full of life and ambition.  But his ambition was set from the "lack of" and not from the passion of life's possibilities and that ambition was the creator of a great deal of stress in his life.  Looking into Bill's past lives, I saw a life that ended in starvation.   One in which he had no foundation to build upon to create more security from himself.   That life time created the fear of not having enough which then in returned forced him to create more foundations in this life with education, and then a strong career.   In working with Bill, I had him start to visualize what he felt he was still lacking in this life time. He could only think of security, which was the foundation of all of his fears.   When I started to point out all of his security that he had built and that there was nothing more to be created in that area of his life, I cleared his blocks and  he was then able to see the fulfillment in his life's work.   He stopped fighting that past life memory and found  his renewed sense of purpose.  

We took some of the best radio segments and turned them into one fantastic episode  for you to enjoy!  

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I have many clients just like yourself that are seeking to gain knowledge and wisdom of the journey they are on rather than just driving blindly through life.   If there is a subject that you would like to learn more about please let us know for future articles.  

Did you ever want to be that super soul, flying through your lessons at the speed of light, having the weight of the world on your shoulders and not even flinching, and being able to crush problems with a single thought?  
Becoming a Super Soul takes training.  Learning to use your shields so that you don't absorb all the drama from the world.  Learning to use your x-ray vision to see what is really behind someone's intentions and seeing their inner wounds.  Using your super strength to look at problems and know that they can't touch you, that they are just a mirror of your inner wounds.  Everyone becomes that Super Soul with all these powers and more when they realize that their world is their own reality, their own teacher and their own creation.  You've got your cape, go learn by leaps and bounds and enjoy flying!        
Psychic Challenge

An exercise on sharping those psychic abilities, One of these men never married, another one married only once and one had multiple marriages. Can you tell which one is which. Check the link for the answer
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