June, 2011Sivan, 5771
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With great pride and thanks to Hashem, we bring you this email edition of Beis Midrash Happenings.                   

Beis Midrash Buzz

Beis Midrash Learning

Hebrew Theological College is very proud that its Beis Midrash College program is attracting more and more students each year.  As an alternative to larger Yeshiva Colleges, HTC is emerging as a significant option for students seeking a warm and intimate Beis Midrash College experience.  We invite you to stop by and witness our packed Beis Midrash, with words of Torah reverberating through the walls. It's an amazingly wonderful scene!  


This year Beis Midrash students have taken advantage of a restructured curriculum, with shiurim given by our Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Avraham Friedman, Rabbi Yaakov Sussman, and our Mashgiach Ruchani, Rabbi Zvi Zimmerman. Rabbi Friedman delivers a shiur klali on a bi-weekly basis and Rabbi Chaim Twerski continues to teach the Semicha students.  


Students major in Talmud, Accounting, Business, Psychology and pre-Health Sciences.  To date, our graduates have been accepted into some of the finest graduate schools, and many continue their learning at HTC while pursuing their graduate degree.   


Weekly Halacha shiurim are given by Rabbi Zev Cohen on Thursdays and by Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst on Fridays. New this year, on Friday mornings, "Parasha, Sushi and Cholent" with the Rosh HaYeshiva, has been a popular hit.


U.S. Military Chaplains Visit HTC

HTC Beis Midrash Students with Chaplains

On May 19th, HTC Beis Midrash students attended an informative session led by U.S. Army Chaplain Lt. Col. Rabbi Mark Weiner and U.S. Navy Chaplain Lt. Rabbi Aaron Kleinman.  


The chaplains spoke to Beis Midrash students about the Chaplaincy Corp and the great need for Jewish Orthodox chaplains in the military. The chaplains showed our students that even one Jew can make an everlasting impact on the life of a Jewish soldier. 

Sam & Nina Bellows Kollel Invigorates our Yeshiva

Bellows Kollel

Through the generous support of our Kollel benefactors, this year HTC expanded the Kollel and its impact.  Dedicated to enhance the level of Torah study in our Yeshiva, our Kollel members have energized our Beis Midrash and high school students. 


Under the guidance of Rosh Chabura, Rabbi Yirmiyahu Neuman (center), we welcome: (from left to right) Rabbi Uri Zimmerman, Rabbi Yona Saks, Rabbi Ari Strulowitz and Rabbi Shmuel Oren. 

Practical Rabbinics Seminars

Practical Rabbinic Seminar

In an effort to educate our Semicha students about real world Rabbinic issues, HTC invited various guest speakers to discuss important topics impacting Jewish daily life. 

Students learned about   Confidentiality in Halacha from Rabbi Dovid Zucker and about Life Cycle Events from Rabbi Zev Cohen. Students also learned about Modern Kashrus Issues from Rabbi Dovid Cohen and participated in a practical seminar on Homiletics led by Rabbi Leonard Matanky. 


We are looking forward to many more informative seminars in the upcoming year. 


Semicha Students Attend cRc Rabbinic Seminar

Last fall, HTC Semicha students attended a seminar on Geirus (conversion) at the Chicago Rabbinical Council.  Our students heard from Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz, Av Beis Din of cRc, as well as many other prominent Rabbanim.  They also had a chance to meet local Rabbanim and learn about real-world Geirus questions. 


We thank the cRc for allowing our students to participate in this very informative and educational event. 


We hope you enjoyed this insight into HTC's Beis Midrash College program. 

For questions or comments, please email us at htcnews@htc.edu.

On behalf of the entire Yeshiva family, our best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful summer.


Hebrew Theological College



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Beis Midrash Buzz
U.S. Military Chaplains Visit HTC
Sam & Nina Bellows Kollel Invigorates our Yeshiva
Practical Rabbinics Seminars
Semicha Students Attend cRc Rabbinic Seminar
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HTC also takes great pleasure in congratulating Rabbi Elie Ginsparg, on two of his recently published works The Talmid's Companion to Hilchos Basar B'Chalav and The Talmid's Companion to Hilchos Ta'aruvos.  


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