"A happy person is not a person with a certain set of circumstances but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes" ~ Hugh Downs

Here is to keeping our attitudes positive and being happy.

Upcoming FIT Adventures

March 25 - Spartan Sprint Race in Patterson - See below
April 8 - FIT Hiking Club 2nd annual trip to Mt. Diablo
April 14 - Tierra Bella Bike Ride
FIT Yoga
February was Yoga Month as we had the great fortune to have Faye as our instructor

The class was well attended and received good feedback. Now it's time to vote.
Do you want FIT to continue having yoga on the program?
Yes, please keep the yoga class on the schedule
No, I prefer going back to bootcamp class
Spartan Sprint March 25th
Put Your Strength and Conditioning to the Test
Join Team FIT Happens
Spring Hike - Mt. Diablo - April 8th
Join us for this Epic hike to one of the Bay Areas Highest Peaks
Sunday April 8
7:00 a.m.Depart from EVHS
Hike 8:30
Bring Your Lunch
For members and guests
Invite your friends
Tierra Bella Bike Tour - April 14
Ride 35, 62, or 100 Miles
Through the South Bay's Most Beautiful Terrain
6-Pack Abs
If I told you that I was going to show you the absolute best exercise that would produce six pack abs, what would you think?

When I saw the headline in the New York Times about the secret to Olympian Adam Rippon's Olympic abs and saw the picture (below) I thought, "OMG". People are going to think that all they have to do is this one exercise and they are going to get abs like Adam's. The reality is that Adam's abs are the result of everything he does (all the combined workouts) and eats and that he would still have the same abs if he didn't do the pictured exercise.

Unfortunately, most people want those abs while doing the least amount of work and eating the least amount of healthy food. It does not work that way. If you want a six pack, start lifting weights and sprinting while changing your diet and leaving out the pizza and cake. Click the link below to read about Adam's workout routine.
Olympic Athlete Adam Rippon
FIT Nutrition
The Simple Meal That's Powering Team USA
Michael Easter - Outside Magazine
Oats, eggs, and coffee reign supreme
Team USA is on the ground in Pyeongchang, South Korea, primed and ready to compete on the world’s largest stage. As a staff prone to geeking out about how nutrition affects performance, we were especially curious to learn what the elites eat before their events.

We reached out to a number of Winter Olympians—everyone from Steve Langton, a 6'2", 227-pound bobsled push-man—to Madison Chock, a 5'2", 102-pound ice dancer, and many of the builds in between. Given the wildly different demands of each sport and the varying body types of each athlete (not to mention their unique taste preferences), we expected to get back a list of foods that reflected a similar variety. Instead, we found that nearly every athlete we spoke to eats some twist on the same foundational formula. Which raises the question: What is that basic lineup?
Oats, eggs, and coffee.

“The meal has a lot going for it,” says  Trevor Kashey , an Ohio-based nutritionist who has consulted for various Olympic teams.
First, oats have a low glycemic index, a measurement of how a food impacts your blood sugar levels. That low glycemic index means you won’t crash, Kashey says. Instead, you’ll experience a stable energy release for the duration of your activity. Oats are also  incredibly filling , largely thanks to their fiber and volume. Together, those two qualities almost guarantee the athlete won’t go hungry during her competition or event. Cooking oats is a sneaky way to hydrate, as each serving requires eight ounces of water. “If you’re a bigger person eating four servings, that’s one quart,” Kashey says.

Second, eggs round out the meal with protein and fat. While protein is well understood to be  key in limiting muscle breakdown , getting the right amount of fat can be tricky for athletes. Fat digests slowly, and it’s harder to tap for energy until fully absorbed. Too-fatty meal can slow digestion to a crawl, causing serious stomach issues, while not enough fat may allow your food to digest too quickly, leaving you hungry shortly thereafter. “This staple meal has the right amount of fat to slow your digestion and just enough to keep you from crashing,” Kashey says.

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