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Sada Dosa

Happy December everyone! 


December being one of the most awaited months of the year, we just had to wish everyone. And for us Kolkatans December not only means long nights and great parties but also good food and awesome weather. Weather that calls for those jackets, sweaters, scarves and all the other cool clothing items that you can wear during just this time of the year. And as far as food goes, we believe this weather calls for anything, hot, spicy and comforting. Especially, something that is also fast, cheap, heartwarming and familiar.


And what better than momos to fit the bill. Momos have been around Kolkata for quite some time before they began to get popular, and slowly but surely started gaining some major fan following. Momos also brought with them their other Tibetan friends, like the Thukpa, the Phalay (or Shafaley) and the Bao. Momos come steamed, fried, semi-fried and pan fried, with a spicy chutney and a bowl of clear soup. And the filling range from simple minced meat and vegetable to exotic ingredients like Mushrooms or even Chocolate.


So today we bow down to the supreme taste of a plate of perfectly cooked momo and dedicate this issue of Urbanzing to all the momo lovers of Kolkata. Happy eating!


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Well, that's all for today. Thanks for reading!
Bye for now!

Team urbanZing
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