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Introducing Rethink Robotics

Smart, collaborative robots for precision tasks
Rethink Robotics™ creates robots for the manufacturing industry that are different: robots that anyone can use, any company can afford, and that require no programming.
Sawyer™, a single-arm, high-performance robot designed to execute machine tending, circuit board testing and other precise tasks that have historically been impractical to automate with traditional industrial robots.
Sawyer adapts to real-world variability and are agile enough to change applications quickly and perform tasks like humans do.

Festo Servo Press Kit - YJKP Series
For electrical press-fitting applications

The YJKP Servo Press Kit consists of modular operating software and harmonized standard Festo components. With electric spindle drive, motor, motor controller, force sensor and control system, you have everything you need for electric press-fitting applications up to 17 kN. All you have to do is integrate it into your press-fitting application.
  • Less expensive than conventional press-fitting systems
  • Pre-assembled system kit comprising software, controller and standard components from Festo
  • Easy to integrate into your system
  • Pre-installed software: ready to use straightaway and intuitive to parameterize
Festo CPX Automation Platform 4.0

An integrated solution for all automation tasks
CPX is ideal as an automation platform, valve terminal partner or remote I/O - it is electric, open and direct. It is also the perfect platform for electrical peripherals. With CPX, you can integrate pneumatic and electrical control chains easily, quickly, flexibly and seamlessly into all automation concepts and company-specific standards - and into Industry 4.0 as well.
  • Universal communication via fieldbus/Ethernet
  • A choice of pneumatic platforms (VTSA, MPA-S and MPA-L)
  • Modular and flexible IP65 remote I/O 
  • Optimized version for IP20 and Ex environments
  • Decentralised and networked intelligence with embedded CODESYS controller 
  • Industry 4.0 thanks to OPC UA and CODESYS control V3
Photoelectric BOS 21M ADCAP
Configurable multi-functional sensor

The BOS 21M ADCAP stands for ADvanced CAPabilities which this sensor definitely demonstrates with its programmable functionality.
Configuration of this multi-function sensor is accomplished via IO-Link. One sensor can be configured as background suppression, diffuse, retroreflective or through-beam and these modes can be changed on the fly to meet the demands of flexible manufacturing processes or support recipe and format changes in production. One part number simplifies design of equipment regardless of sensor application required. For a plant, one part number can be used for many applications, condensing spare part inventories.
Not only can sensing modes be configured, the sensor has the ability to provide simple distributed logic such as counting parts, speed monitoring, and controlling the outputs accordingly. With IO-Link, simple installation and easy controls integration translates to cost savings .

Rankin Automation Value Engineering

In addition to providing process automation products, Rankin Automation provides design and engineering services for machine guarding, control panels, programming and small work-cell automated projects. Contact your sales representative to learn if your company can benefit from our technical process automation knowledge. 

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