MARCH 2017
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Is Brad Pitt Flammable or Inflammable? 
Writing Tip #41

A few weeks ago in Five-Minute Writing Tip #32, I wrote about words that can be their own opposites. Today's tip is about words with apparently opposite meanings, and words that when used in certain ways can have the same meaning as their opposites.
Here are a few to consider:

A rut is a deep track made by wheels and is often used to describe a negative situation.
"I've been stuck in a writing rut for so long, even Jane Austen couldn't pull me out."
A groove is a narrow cut made in a hard surface. Being in a groove means you're getting along nicely.
"I'm in a creative groove, having written 10,000 words each day for the last month."

Featured Book of the Month
Exploring the Salish Sea  
- An Artist's View
Artwork by Margy Gates 
Text by Don Douglass and RĂ©anne Hemingway-Douglass 
Margy Ga tes, artist extraordinaire, world traveler and beach-side gallery owner, has been drawing and painting marine subjects during her long and adventurous life. Her pen and ink d rawings of the Salish Sea, its creatures and environs will delight any reader.
Coming Off the Presses Soon!
Common Dragonflies and Damselflies of the Pacific Coast...

Cave Art Press's newest natural history book will be released this summer.
Common Dragonflies and Damselflies of the Pacific Coast-a Beginner's Guide to Identifying Dragonflies and Damselflies with Binoculars, by James S. Walker, will be a useful and beautiful guide for anyone interested in dragonfly and damselfly observation. A pocket guidebook (format 5" x 7"), it includes full-color two-page spreads for each of the 60 most common species of dragonfly and damselfly found in the Pacific Coast states, from the Mexican border into Alaska. These spreads detail individual behaviors, habitats, identifying features and field marks, range maps, and flight season charts. Dr. Walker has also written a thorough introduction dragonflies and damselflies, including sections describing their anatomies, life cycles, mating habits, and his observation of several previously undescribed behaviors. Dr. Walker's affection for these creatures shines through his prose, and the clear, life-size photographs emphasize the distinctions among the various species.

Island Secrets

We may not always disclose the exact location of our favorite spots but we will tell you everything about them and share photos.

This month Arlene shares her favorite island secret:

My favorite place on Fidalgo Island (apart from our Cave Art Press office!) is the area of forest lands south of Little Cranberry Lake. There are a number of ponds in there, two of which have the word "beaver" in their names.

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Kathleen Kaska (Marketing)
Meet Our Staff

I'm a Texas gal. Except for an eighteen-month hiatus when I moved to New York City after college, I lived in Texas continuously for fifty years. Since then Texas has been hit and miss---a little hit, but a hell of a lot of miss. There was a time when I thought I'd happily die in Austin, Texas. But things and weather---especially the weather---changed that. Now I spend most of the year on Fidalgo Island in Washington State with a view of the bay and the mountains. When I get homesick , my husband and I plug in the iPhone to Pandora and select Willie---as in Nelson, (I hope you don't have to ask). Soon we are dancing the two-step, imagining we are at our favorite honky tonk in Tokyo, Texas where the mayor is believed to be a dog. Who wouldn't miss that?

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