TLC offers many classes, at our Center and in the community. Classes give learners and teachers the opportunity to interact in a more collaborative setting.

Beyond Words
December 2016

As we move into the holiday season, I am grateful for all of the people and partner organizations that make TLC wonderful. Through my daily interactions with learners, volunteer literacy tutors, supporters, board members, and community partners, I am constantly reminded to celebrate the positive change that we realize together. Thank you for being a part of a truly amazing community organization!
This month, we highlight our English as a Second Language class at the Family Resource Center through Flagstaff Unified School District. Our current volunteer literacy teachers, Ingrid Meneses and Lindsay Wilson, offer four hours of classes over two days each week to a diverse, eager, and appreciative group of adults. I hope you read on to learn more about this part of our meaningful and effective programming.


Ari Wilder, Executive Director
English as a Second Language class at the Family Resource Center. 

Alicia (middle): "This class is wonderful. It gives me the chance to practice my speaking, listening, and writing. My English has made rapid improvement. I really appreciate this class and my teachers."

Maria (right): "My teachers are very good and I really like my classmates because I get to learn about interesting things from other countries. This class is very important to me and I feel good being here."
Ingrid  Meneses
Literacy Volunteer

I've been a volunteer at TLC for the past 2 months. I recently got married and moved from Chile to the US, and because I need to wait for my work permit, I thought it was a good idea to use my time in a productive way. I learned about TLC last year when I first visited Flagstaff, and I was impressed by the work they do for the community. I have also taught second language literacy in India and Chile and wanted to take on the challenge of teaching adults English. 
Twice a week, I teach an ESL class for adults with various English proficiency levels. One of these days I co-teach with another volunteer teacher. When I first met my students we talked about their struggles and the challenges they face as second language learners of English. Most of them mentioned struggling with understanding native speakers and communicating. Based on their needs, we decided to work on their pronunciation, raising awareness of the particular ways Americans speak.
In my own experience learning English as a second language, having a safe environment to practice my speaking skills made a huge difference, and that is what The Literacy Center means to many of our students. They are not just looking for a class to learn English, but also a place where they can make friends, interact with others, feel valued and encouraged.
In our class students encounter a friendly environment where there are plenty of opportunities to express themselves without feeling judged, rejected or ignored. This improves their self-esteem and confidence to speak and develop their English skills. For many of them, improving their pronunciation allows them to access better jobs and increases their involvement in the community.
My bible is my favorite book. It's always a source of inspiration for me.

Lindsay (2nd from the left) and some her students on a field trip to Oak Creek Canyon.
Lindsay Wilson: 
Literacy Volunteer

I have been co-teaching the ESL class at the Family Resource Center since January. I enjoy teaching breaking news articles on a range of topics from the zika virus to global warming to the " affluenza " court case about uneven justice in Texas. Our students come from many different places---China, Mexico, Spain, Iran, Chile---and it's interesting to hear their different points of view. Recently we have been venturing outside the Family Resource Center during the beautiful fall foliage season to hike at the Peaks and in Oak Creek Canyon. These are wonderful opportunities to engage in conversation in a more informal setting. 
I volunteer because I love to teach, especially at TLC where the students are so eager, make such progress, and are so grateful. When a student has attended the class for several months, we can see the difference. It's also a pleasure to observe how the more advanced students help the new ones along. As a French historian, my main focus in graduate school was to be able to read French. This I learned quickly, but speaking was another story. I am forever grateful to a woman in Pau, France who befriended me, meeting me weekly for conversations in French. I know from experience how challenging being able to speak another language can be.
One of my favorite books is Lauren Greasewater's War by local author Stephen Hirst, drawn from his experiences living with the Havasupai. Of his main character, he writes, "Seeking repatriation, she saw too much and understood too little." This is true about many of us.  littleThis is true about many of us. little ." This is true about many of us. A book that I'm looking forward to reading is Paul Kalanithi's When Breath Becomes Air in which he notes that the point of life is not to avoid suffering but to create meaning.

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